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Classroom Resources Collection

Resources for my future classroom to engage in multicultural learning and how I can help my students get a better understanding of multicultural. I want my students to know that they are all welcome no matter their color, race or ethnicity seen throughout the classroom. My future classroom should have my students feeling safe and a comfortable with coming to my classroom everyday. No Judge Zone!! :)

This book is about cultural diversity and how it's important to maintain a healthy multicultural society. We will get to learn about cross-cultural human similarities and differences of diversity throughout North America. As well as what it means to be different.

I'm New Here

This book is about how these immigrants come from all over from Guatemala, Korea, and Somalia. They find that they have trouble speaking and sharing ideas in English in their new American elementary school. These students have to learn to be away from their own country and learn a new language as well as their identity.

U.S. Immigration | Let's Talk | NPR

For over 200 years the U.S. Immigration policies have determined who the U.S. lets in, and who is shut out. NPR’s Tom Gjelten explains. In this video it describes the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1862 and the Immigration Act of 1924. Throughout the video it will show graphs of the total immigrants throughout the country.

Enrique's Journey: The Story of a Boy's Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite with His Mother

Enrique's Journey is about a 17 year old boy from Honduras who travels the U.S. in search for his mother. Nazario a character in the book explores the ways that immigration affects individual families. Loures another character believes that by traveling would show good responsibility to the U.S. for work.

Using Community Experts to Extend Teaching | Edutopia

Teachers can’t be experts in everything, but they can tap into the knowledge and experience of people in the community. Local experts, parents, professionals, and community members can help further the learning throughout the classroom. The school will also be able to provide students the right subjects in their education.

6 Ways Teachers Can Welcome Immigrant Students & Their Families

Learn what teachers and schools around the country are doing to welcome immigrant students into their classrooms and communities. Having teachers scheduling a face to face getting to know meeting is always a good thing. As well as providing barriers for parents is important as well.

How Teachers Can Help Immigrant Kids Feel Safe

Many children feel threatened by anti-immigrant rhetoric. Teachers should have the rights to stay informed, give the students a chance to have a voice, have an active listening skills activity that students can engage in, and maybe have your students make sure they are safe and feel connected.

Welcoming Immigrant Students Into the Classroom | Edutopia

In the article children have access under the law from k-12 to build relationships with their families and students as well. Building relationships for parents and other community groups are vital. Teachers should show some similarities and differences between immigrant students. As well as have conversations with one another.

Teaching English Learners and Immigrant Students in Secondary Schools

I found that this book would be good for our EDU 222 class because teachers teach English Learners and immigrant students as well. Teachers I find will find it useful to take different strategies and theories of learning through recent sociocultural. This is also good for effective learning for English learners of communities and academic content.

We Can't Teach What We Don't Know - (Multicultural Education) 3 Edition By Gary R Howard (Paperback) : Target

This book I find will be a great resource for out EDU 222 class because it provides examples the first black president of the white house which shows multicultural. As well as this book provides the 1965
Voting Rights Act and how youth blacks had been treated. It will teach us teachers about our nations more diverse population and that students will come from all over.

How Teachers Can Reduce Stereotype Threat in the Classroom | Center for Effective School Practices

I feel this article would be a wonderful source for future teachers to read in our EDU 222 class because it talks about how teachers can reduce stereotype threat in the classroom. This article provides real life examples of students in the past and what they have gone through with being stereotyped.
Lastly, this article will talk about how there are stereotype threat interventions that teachers can help students throughout in the classroom.