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Updated by Ahmed Pracaha on Nov 21, 2019
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Online Interior Designing In Pakistan - Deluxe Furnishing Company

Deluxe Furnishing Co. is an Interior contracting firm with a prestigious client portfolio. It also provides complete furniture solutions for both residential and commercial projects. Deluxe Furnishing Co. partners with mega-brands from across the globe and supplies products including but not limited to:

Complete Office furniture
Exterior and interior building products and materials
Residential/Hospitality living solutions

Best Turnkey Interior Designers | Customize Furniture Importers

Thinking of redesigning your very own space? You've come to the right place. Here at Deluxe, we offer all interior solutions.

About | Residential & Office Furniture Manufacturer in Pakistan

Welcome to the Deluxe Group! We're providing gorgeous interior design, Residential & Office Furniture, design affordable and risk-free.

Interior Designers | Home & Office | Deluxe Furnishing

Here at Deluxe, we provide you the best Interior Designing solution, for your offices, homes, to give it the most enhanced outlook.

Custom Office Furniture | Ergonomic Office Furniture in Pakistan

Deluxe furnishing company offers a wide variety of custom office furniture for all commercial purposes. Create your workspaces stylish and inspirational.

Low Height CMS Partitions | Architectural Wall Systems in Pakistan

No matter what's your office size. Our Low height CMS partitions are a perfect solution for open space office plans. create productive work environments, reception areas, and private work areas.

Partitioning Systems in Pakistan | Architectural Wall Systems

Get the best partitioning system in Pakistan. Deluxe has the bes room dividers to seperate bases, and are easy to install at your space.

Executive Chairs | Imported Office Chairs in Pakistan

Your office needs the executive look. Deluxe provides the best imported office chairs, which are comfortable, durable and provide the executive feel to you.

Customized Manager Chairs in Pakistan | Office Furniture

Managers need the best chairs for the right decisions. Deluxe provides the best imported manager chairs, customized to perfection for you.

L Shaped, Fabric & Leather Sofas | Modern Office Furniture

Add a new comfort to your life with the L Shaped Sofa. Deluxe provides you with the ultimate comfort, with the best fabric and leather, which just adds a new look to your room.

Staff Chairs | Custom Executive Office Staff Chairs in Pakistan

Give your staff the best chairs for the perfect seating solution. Deluxe provides the best office staff chairs, which have perfect executive look.

Custom Office Stools and Cafe Chairs in Pakistan | Deluxe

Add a new comfort to your office with the office stools. Deluxe provides the ultimate comforting solution with offfice stools and cafe chairs which give your office the perfect look, along with the best comfort.

Visitor Chairs | Customized Office Chairs in Pakistan

Give your visitors the best seating solution. Deluxe gives the best visitor chairs in Pakistan, which provides the best comfort for your office.

Molteni Home Furniture | Modern Molteni&C Home Luxury Furniture

Give your homes the luxurious look. Deluxe provides Molten Home Furniture, with its modern touch that automatically brings out the luxury in any home.

Home Accessories | Molteni Luxury Home Accessories in Pakistan

Make your homes look luxurious. Deluxe gives you the Molteni Luxury Home Accessories, which adds a whole now luxurious look to your homes.

Armchairs | Molteni Designer Armchairs in Pakistan

The most comfortable seating solution. Deluxe brings you the Molteni Armchairs Range, designed with the best leather, for the ultimate comfort.

Beds | Latest Molteni Bed Desgins in Pakistan

No matter what the size of your room. the Molteni Bed Designs by Deluxe will make your room shine.

Bookshelves & Multimedia | Molteni Latest Collection in Pakistan

Store your books with ease. Deluxe provides you Molteni Bookshelves and Multimedia Range, with the latest collection in Pakistan.

Chairs | Molteni Designer Modern Chairs in Pakistan

Give your room a new feel. Deluxe brings you Molteni Designer chair range, for the modernized feel to your room.

Drawer Units | Molteni Luxury Designs in Pakistan

Keep storing away. Deluxe gives you the Molteni Drawer Units Range with the best luxury designs.

Designer Rugs Carpet in Pakistan | Molteni&C.

Give your floors the ultimate look. Deluxe provides the designer rugs and carpets, from Molteni&C.