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Top Sri Lankan Cuisine to Try on Your Vacation in Sri Lanka – Exotic Delights

Sri Lankan cuisine is well known across the globe; the perfect balance of spices, herbs and tropical ingredients make the traditional dishes of the island nation, some of best your taste-buds will savour. Listed in this article are dishes you must try on your holiday to Sri Lanka


Breakfast Delights

Roast Paan, Dhall Curry, Milk Rice, Roti, Boiled Manioc
The ultimate breakfast meals; roast paan is a flat crusty bread which when eaten with a creamy dhal curry is the best! Top it up with a good serving of pol sambol a grated coconut salsa that's orange coloured or opt for milk rice eaten with a good chicken curry or onion salsa. Try a coconut roti instead of bread, get yourself a Sri Lankan omelette or simply enjoy boiled manioc with grated coconut. The kind of food you savour on your travels and available in just about every part of the islands diverse locations. So, whether you're chilling on a sunny beachfront, enjoying the wilds at the edge of an animal park or wrapped up in the misty hills; any one of these traditional breakfast meals will hit the spot. For the most diverse adventure in Sri Lanka, get help by scouring websites bringing you great deals on Sri Lanka holidays, similar to offers on Truly Sri Lanka.


Lunch – Rice and Curry Anyone?

Rice and curry is a Sri Lankan traditional food which just about every local will not want to pass up when it's time for lunch. Rice and curry are diverse and consists of seasonal vegetables, meat, leafy salsa and sides of dry fish, crispy papadam and of course the all-time favourite pol sambol. Vegetables vary according to region and availability; either way they are cooked with the perfect balance of spices and herbs, generally in thick creamy coconut milk. Favourite curries to accompany rice will be chicken curry, beef curry, fish curry, fried dry fish, pork curry or egg curry.


The Ever Famous Kukulmas Curry

Kukulmas is chicken curry, a beautiful curry done in Sri Lankan style. Part and parcel of your authentic Sri Lankan adventure, a good kukulmas curry is red in colour, thick, creamy and packed with exotic flavours. Mind you the redder the curry, the hotter it is, you can, of course, ask for a milder version.


Sri Lankan Crab Curry

A must-try traditional Sri Lankan dish is the crab curry. Lagoon crabs or mud crabs are generally used for this purpose, where the crab is cooked in a marvellous concoction of chilli, shallots, murunga leaves, spices, traditional condiments and thick coconut milk. The resulting gravy on its own is quite a treat and heavenly when mopped up with a piece of roast paan.


Vegetarians Are In for a Treat Too

If you are a vegetarian, vegan etc. you can enjoy a variety of Sri Lankan dish; all you need is a plate of soft fluffy rice and some tropical vegetables cooked to perfection. Some must-try dishes include batumoju which is eggplant diced, fried and cooked to a sweet and savoury curry. Then there's the white potato curry, creamy and delicious. You must taste the tender jack curry cooked to resemble a meat dish and packed with flavour. There's more of course but that's for you to discover as you explore Sri Lanka.

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