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We are the experts when it comes to heating and cooling and are committed to making sure your home always feels better after we leave! Nobody wants to be stuck in a home with uncomfortable indoor temperatures, and our certified technicians can be at your door right away whether you need HVAC repair, replacement, or maintenance.


Top 10 HVAC Issues and Their Probable Solutions

Heating and cooling systems are one of the best ways to survive during summers and winters. They help in keeping the indoor temperature to be normal so that you can move around perform your daily activities. They also help in providing the comfort you need to keep up with the temperature outside. However, there are many homeowners to take the heating and cooling systems of their homes for granted and do not show the love and care they need. This leads to numerous types of issues and it might be a nightmare for many in the process. Several issues normally occur in a heating and cooling system, which carries solutions that are very much effective. You can use these solutions to get rid of the issue and prevent the spending of unwanted cash.

12 Tips to Find a Residential HVAC Contractor That Won’t Disappoint You

The HVAC contractors are people who will take care of all the work when it comes to fixing, maintaining, installing and replacing the heating and cooling system of a home. When you of investing on a good unit for your home, you are doing so to provide comfort to your family members. You are also spending on equipment that will help in keeping the electric bill low and increase the air quality. However, when comes to choosing the HVAC contractors, the process can be challenging for you. This is because, you need to perform a good reason, look from every corner and settle down with a contractor that matches your expectations. To know the tips and tricks on choosing the perfect contractor for the heating and cooling system, let this document be your guide.

Pros and Cons of Ductless Heating and Cooling

This blog is an informative post on ductless heating and cooling southern Indiana home and office units. The blog gives information like the merits and demerits of the ductless system. It is an elaborate guide that gives you general ideas on its pros and cons. There is a debate amongst experts. They argue whether the benefits of the ductless version of the unit outweigh the demerits or not. We have tried to keep the comparison to a tie or reasonably conclude what it the best outcome of the logical comparison. To choose between the right heating ventilation and air conditioning for your home or office could be a personal thing. With the details given below, you can have a rational comparison and make sure as to which one suits you the best.

Signs That You Need a New HVAC System

This blog gives you information on how to identify whether your HVAC unit needs to be replaced or not. Usually, if the HVAC system is in too much disrepair, then replacement is more economically feasible than repeated attempts of repairs and servicing. Signs like the unit being more than a decade old, loud noise during its working, frequent repairs, and maintenance, but to no avail, high electricity bills, outdated technology, and overall disrepair are most comfortable to notice. These signs indicate that your HVAC unit is too old to carry out its functions efficiently. Therefore, HVAC commercial replacement Kentucky of the whole system is the only option. Besides, with the newer system, you get new technology with a range of new features.

5 Major Myths about HVAC Services

This blog gives you information on what the commonest myths with HVAC are. In this article, we have tried including some of the most prevailing myths along with the facts. The HVAC services in Louisville KY is one of the best options for the equipment as it is prone to a lot of problems like dust and other solid particles blocking the filter, leakage of the ducts and so on. Moreover, people have wrong assumptions that getting a huge device is the best option, or the filter should be changed only once a year, or the thermostat is the only way to control the unit. Consulting a technician is the best option in every situation.

10 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Not Feel Cool

With the summers approaching, the last thing that you would not like to encounter is why your air conditioner is not cooling. It's essential to understand that if proper maintenance if not done, the HVAC appliance can get damaged. Various reasons lead to such issues, and then you need to get in touch with the best heating and cooling in Louisville services. If you wish to stay away from such circumstances in this hot climate, it's better to be aware of the defects that your system may face. Some of the common reasons because of which the system might stop working are dirty coiled, clogging of air filters, etc. This blog explains each defect in detail to understand why your AC has stopped working suddenly. Continue reading this content to know more about it. 

Seven Questions to Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Technician

The HVAC system plays a significant role in your day-to-day life. When the temperature drops to sub-zero levels or when it gets all humid and hot, your HVAC is there to provide you comfort. So, your HVAC must keep running without any problem. And whenever any repairs work arises, you turn to HVAC services near Louisville. There are so many HVAC contractors out there, and you might find it challenging to choose the right one. But, when you ask your potential HVAC technician the right questions, you can indeed choose a reliable person for the job. This blog shares with you seven such questions. By asking these questions, you can decide if a particular technician is fit for your purpose. 

Your Guide For Choosing the Best HVAC company

Have your HVAC stopped working suddenly? Or you're planning to replace your old unit? Whatever service you require for your HVAC, first, you must find a trustworthy HVAC contractor. Since the market offers you so many options when it comes to HVAC companies, it might get challenging to select the best one for you. If you're looking for heating and cooling repair services near me, this blog is what you need. The blog shares some essential tips and steps that will help you find a desirable HVAC contractor. All you need to do is read through the tips and apply them. This blog makes it easier for you to find a contractor that will deliver high-quality HVAC services.

Replacing Your Commercial HVAC is a Better Option. Make Sure to Contact The Right Company

Your commercial HVAC system can break down at any time. How do you decide whether to repair or replace it completely? This is a common challenge that HVAC owners face. If you end up repairing an already old HVAC system this boils down to throwing away your money on something that is going to break down again.

Get the right guidance when you speak to Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling. An expert in repairing and replacing HVAC systems, the company lets you decide and carry out professional HVAC commercial replacement in Kentucky.

Replacing your HVAC system is a major financial burden. An old system giving performance issues is a red signal that your HVAC system needs to be replaced.

The company carries out checks and the knowledgeable team lets you know when it is time to think about replacement. They then guide you on the most cost-effective and energy-saving HVAC system that will meet your budget requirements. The team understands your business needs and then carries out the installation and replacement work. Contact them today for better temperature control for added comfort.

COVID-19 Update from Specialty Heating & Cooling

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services (HVAC) are vital to your home and office. They ensure that your place stays warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months. You need to ensure that the companies servicing the heating and cooling Louisville area needs are experienced and licensed. They should be ready to work to your complete satisfaction. This article guides you on the steps you need to take to ensure that you choose the right heating and cooling service provider in your area. Especially during this COVID times, it is even more vital that you do not take any chances when you are contracting a heating and cooling service company. It could either be for a new installation or repair service.

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Heating & Cooling System? |

When your cooling system or heating system becomes entirely dodgy, you get confused about what to do? This turmoil usually takes place between whether to repair or replace it. By implementing some practical strategies, you come up with a firm decision. So, you can begin by asking yourself some simple questions. These include ascertaining your machine's registration under warranty. Am I ready to purchase a new HVAC system, and are my energy bills unreasonably high? Should you ensure the age of your HVAC system as well? Besides, repair your machine if it's under $5000 and quit the decision if it's above $5000. This blog also discusses how to diagnose your system's specific problems through professional heating and cooling repair Louisville KY services.

The Seven Biggest Mistakes That HVAC Contractors Make

This blog will give you an insight into the seven biggest mistakes that HVAC Company in Louisville makes. Well, we won’t say that every company makes mistakes. But sometimes, if a contractor with less or no knowledge ends up at the customer’s home for the HVAC issue can make a few mistakes. And these mistakes include Misread combustion safety, not considering the house-as-a-system method, betting on low bid, avoiding the calculation, just considering the “HAC” and not the “V,” ignoring the airflow, and overlooking home performance opportunities. Read the blog to get a proper elaboration on these mistakes and how they can prove harmful to the customers. We have also mentioned how the business can suffer a loss due to the mistakes.

Ways to Get an Effective and Noiseless HVAC System for Your Residence

An HVAC system is responsible for the regulation of airflow of heat, ventilation, and air conditioning of an entire house. The HVAC system is the controller of the overall climate change at your resident. The system makes the proper modifications whenever we experience changes in outdoor temperature, to ensure all-round comfort to our loved ones. There are a lot of benefits of a properly installed HVAC system, from saving your electricity bill, to making your home climate better by providing clean and fresh air. By getting all the features along comes the difficult task of buying a noise-free HVAC system. This blog can help you to learn and understand about the different components an HVAC system. Also, how you can choose a noise-free system with the help of professional contractors and some knowledge.

Get a New Hvac To Experience The Right Temperature And Contact a Trusted Company For That

Thinking of buying a new HVAC by replacing an old one or repairing every solution is available at Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling. The wide variety of product options will never leave you disappointed and provides 24-hour heating & cooling in Louisville, KY. There is something for everyone's choice. They even guide you throughout the process of purchase. 

The expert team will give you that solution to the problem. If your system needs a repair, their service includes that, but if its condition is a little more critical or an old system, they suggest replacing it with a new one. So you don't waste any money or time on something which will get damage again soon.


Get Affordable HVAC Services From Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling

Having a comfortable temperature in the house all year long is crucial. This is because the extreme climate and temperature changes happening outside can make your sweet haven inhabitable. That is why hiring reliable Heating & Cooling Contractors in Louisville is important because only professionals can ensure your house is ever-ready to face the extreme temperatures without making you suffer.

So, connect and get affordable HVAC services from Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling. Being in the business for years, they know all the HVAC systems' nitty-gritty and their maintenance. Their team will stop by, fully equipped as per your needs, and offer you complete service right from inspecting the system to maintaining it and cleaning the place after service. And don’t worry, the specialists can also solve all your queries before you avail the benefits from them. So, visit the website or call them to know more.


10 Common HVAC Issues & How to Troubleshoot Them

10 Common HVAC Issues & How to Troubleshoot Them

The work of troubleshooting common HVAC issues is very simple and can be done by anyone with some guidance. Most of the HVAC companies near Louisville, KY, also help guide their customers to troubleshoot the problems independently with proper guidance. This also helps the customer save time by not waiting for the technical help and can continue their life by simply performing some minor works. To avoid spending time on minor repairs, some professionals also guide the customers via call or text and tell them exactly what to do. The thing about these issues is that the problems can be solved if the machines get proper maintenance helping them to work properly. This blog will explain in detail various HVAC problems and how to troubleshoot them.


5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for the summer

5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for the summer

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is a very important feature in our house, especially during the summer. Even if we won’t feel the need for HVAC services throughout the year, the summer season makes us realize how important it is to have a well-maintained HVAC for our house. It is very crucial to do HVAC maintenance before the summer heats are out. In this blog, we will take a look at five HVAC maintenance tips from the best heating and cooling services in Louisville, KY, for this summer season. With a well-maintained HVAC system, you can plan out for summer cookouts and pool parties comfortably with your family and have a great time.