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5 Excursions to take in the Maldives - Different ways to see different sides of the archipelago

When you are in the Maldives, you are more likely to be spoilt for choice. In the busyness of all the exciting things you can do, make sure to include at least a few of the following.


Snorkelling on sandbanks

It is no mystery that a visit to the Maldives should include a snorkelling experience. In fact, if you were to visit any Maldives beach resort, snorkelling would be on the top of the list of things to try. Sandbank snorkelling gives you a bit more privacy than average snorkelling experience. It is usually done on a lonely sandbank in the middle of the ocean, and only you and your family are likely to snorkel off the sandbank. It is a way to take the usual experience a step further for a personal excursion.


Island Hopping

With over a thousand tiny islands, it is humanly impossible to see all of the Maldives in one go. However, you can try. Island hopping is an excursion that can take you to different islands that are a part of the archipelago. If you sign up for a great excursion, you will be able to explore all island types: resort islands - see if you can stop by Hard Rock Hotel Maldives for a truly remarkable experience, islands with local inhabitants, deserted islands, and those with a little mountain to hike or a lake to explore. You can opt to have lunch at one of the islands, and spend a full day hopping from one island to another, a sample plate of the true essence of the Maldives.


Go on a sunset cruise

Nothing is more romantic than setting out into the setting sun on a yacht with your loved ones; this is exactly the sort of excursion you can do in the Maldives. Your captain will likely to offer you dinner under the stars, and it will only add more romance to your experience. Some sunset cruises take you along the route of uninhabited islands, thus guaranteeing maximum privacy. If you are lucky, you might even have dolphins swimming alongside your vessel - some company you are unlikely to find anywhere else.


Fishing Cruise

Whether you are an experienced fishing person or not, try your hand at a fishing cruise. There are different types of fishing cruises you can sign up for, depending on your level of expertise. Expert fisherfolk go on week-long cruises where they live aboard a fishing vessel and spend the entire time fishing. However, if that is not your cup of tea, you can opt for an hour or two of fishing. It is important to go with a local, though, as the Maldives has very strict regulations on fishing.


A day visit to Male

Male is the capital of the Maldives. If you are taking the tourist route to the Maldives, you are unlikely to see much of the city except when landing and leaving the country. You can make a day trip to Male where you can explore the city. There are a few Museums, parks, and places of historic value to visit. You can have lunch at a café, try some street food in the evening, and catch the final ferry back to your resort.