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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 20, 2019
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Types Of Ayurvedic Treatment- Relax your mind, body and soul

Ayurveda on this island is a huge herbal medical world and there are many kinds of ayurvedic treatments that are available for you to try when in Sri Lanka.


A full body Ayurveda massage

Known as the Abhyanga, this full-body massage will have an expert masseuse applying oil all over your body from neck to toe and gently massaging you with the use of their palms. This massage is utilised to revitalize all your body muscles and also to improve blood circulation. The oil used for this massage is normally infused with Herbs and is warmed up before application. This massage helps you eliminate body pains and any extra fat stored in the body. Doing this massage often will enhance your life expectancy thus energizing your body and strengthening it. Abhyanga is also used to treat nervous disorders. The herbal oil used for this full body massage depends on the health of the person who is making the appointment. This body massage can take about 1 hour or even be completed in just 30 minutes.


Ayurveda foot massage

The pada abhyanga or the Ayurveda foot massage is when your full leg is massaged from the foot up to the knee. This is an extremely powerful and effective massage therapy that will improve the function of all your internal organs while curing numbness. Having this massage will also help reduce the cracks in your heels and make you less tired overall. If you are on a holiday in Sri Lanka getting yourself massaged at properties like Heritance Ayurveda will be a great idea. Ayurveda in Sri Lanka is one of the most prominent industries and therefore you will have many choices when it comes to these treatments.


The Ayurveda neck and Shoulder massage

Because of your stressful day to day work life, you might be suffering from shoulder pain or a stiff neck. Getting yourself an ayurvedic neck and Shoulder massage will give you instant relief. A stiff neck can be caused by many reasons of which bad back posture is one. Working in front of a computer all day is also one of the main reasons people suffer from back and shoulder pain. Getting yourself this massage once in a while will help you get better posture and health overall.


Leg massage

Legs are one of the most underrated parts of the body and also one of the things we tend to overlook when it comes to massages. People usually treat the leg only when they face an issue. The pressure and strain caused on the legs by the constant walking around in your daily life will leave a huge impact over time. To avoid issues in the legs generally, make sure that your legs are fit and healthy. Treating yourself to an Ayurvedic leg massage once in a while will make sure that you will be able to stand on your own two feet for a long time.