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Updated by Trade Plus on Mar 25, 2020
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Stock Broker in india

Tradeplus is the online brand of Navia Markets Ltd. We became Equity brokers on NSE in 1995, Depository Participant with NSDL in 1997 and with CDSL in 2018, Equity Stock Brokers in BSE in 2010 and Commodity brokers on MCX in 2009.

Automobile sector and stock market cycle - Tradeplus Blog

auto is an important barometer of consumption from the demand and supply side. On the demand side, auto demand is the best proxy for durables demand, which measures the extent of consumption confidence.

UPI: How does it work and advantages - Tradeplus Blog

The next time you walk down to your grocer’s shop and see that ubiquitous banner of Paytm, Phone Pe or Google Pay in that shop, remember there is a UPI interface that works behind these applications. Thanks to UPI, transferring money and making payments is almost like a breeze. UPI defines each linked account with a unique code which is akin to an email id; abc@icicibank or xyz@hdfcbank or mno@rbl etc. All that you need to remember is this id and you can transfer funds without any hassles to any account that is or is not UPI enabled. Let us look at some of the major advantages of UPI.

Advantages of investing in Equity Mutual Funds - Tradeplus Blog

Best equity mutual funds and scheme are those that principally invest in stocks. online share trading to stock broking. Provides insight into how to trade in the stock market.

How mutual funds are better than ULIPs? - Tradeplus Blog

ULIPs have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. They were often sold (or rather mis-sold) as assured return products when they were not. There were occasions when they were sold as mutual funds when they also had an insurance component to them.

Experts talk about slowdown, but market keeps rising! What should you do?

It is hard to define a slowdown but the macroeconomic definition is that 2 quarters of continuous fall in growth or four out of six months of fall in growth is defined as a slowdown.

NRE & NRO Demat Account Opening Process

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Invest in market and sectors and not individual stocks!

The Sensex recently completed 40 years of existence. If you look back at its journey over the last 40 years, it has moved from a level of 100 in 1979 to 41,000 in 2019. That is a 410 bagger over 40 years.

What impact would stake sale of LIC have on the Insurance Industry as a whole?

The budget 2020 made the big announcement that the government would sell up to 10% stake in LIC. This has been on the cards for some time now and finally the announcement was made. The divestment target for the year has been enhanced to a fantastic Rs.210,000 crore for the coming fiscal.

How do geo-political events affect stock markets?

The word geopolitical is either misunderstood or not fully understood by most people. It is actually about the impact of global politics and global international relations on the stock markets. Geopolitics is extremely important as the markets globally get interconnected.

How the stock market viewed the Delhi assembly elections?

The Delhi assembly elections have come and gone and the outcome was largely on the expected lines. The ruling AAP returned to power with a big mandate although the NDA did manage to grab more seats and also increase its vote share.

How can a stock trader benefit from the opportunity of discount broking?

Discount broking or no-frills broking is all about execution about orders at the lowest cost possible. Normally, brokers charge customers for the execution plus the research plus any advisory support that they provide.

Abolishing DDT; how would it help the stock markets?

When dividend distribution tax (DDT) was introduced more than 20 years ago, the markets were shocked. Over the years, markets have not only adjusted to it but actually created tremendous wealth over the years

As a layman, how can I track insider trading in a stock?

Insider trading is a largely misunderstood term in India. Historically, it has been quite hard to prove but with advanced methods of surveillance employed by the exchanges and SEBI, many such cases get easily highlighted. However, not all insider trades are illegal and not all insider trades amount to insider trading. Let us understand this subtle difference better.

How can a day trader do pivot trading?

If you have looked at a broker’s short term report or daily trading report, you will find a section on pivot points trading. What exactly are these pivot points and how to do intraday trading using such pivot points. Remember, pivots are based on the concept of supports and resistance and hence it is a technical measure

Difference Between Trading Account And Demat Account

Over the decades India has moved to electronic trading in stock markets. A person interested to trade in stock markets should have a trading account. Trading account is the way of buying and selling of stock transactions. Whereas a demat account is the place to store the stocks bought by a person.

Tax Loss Harvesting - Tradeplus Blog

If you have not planned your tax yet, and are puzzled how to do it especially in the light of the proposals in Union Budget 2020, we present you one way to explore tax saving options and that is Tax Loss Harvesting.While investing in stock, all of us are bound to have some laggard in our portfolio where our hard earned money will be blocked due to negative returns from that stock.

Why do stop loss always get hit and how best to put a stop loss?

Stop loss is as much an art as it is a science. Very often traders tend to place stop losses too mechanically based on the technical levels. In fact, stop loss placement is also an art because you also need to tweak the levels based on your judgement of the market.

If you are confused with market volatility, it is time to buy index ETFs

In a span of just 45 trading sessions, the Nifty cracked from 12,340 down to 8469 resulting in a net loss of 31.5% in just a little over a month. But what should be the investment strategy now? It is simple to say that this is the right time to buy stocks but what stocks do you buy when stocks like HDFC Bank and TCS have lost 30% from their peaks and a stock like RIL has lost 40% in just one month? The easier answer is to go for buying the index.