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Updated by AV Steel And Power on Mar 13, 2020
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Best TMT bars in Rajasthan is Provided by AV Steel | Birla TMT Bar

Looking for best quality TMT bars in Rajasthan?? AV Steel is the answer of your search which is the authorized dealer of trusted name in the industry, Birla TMT Bars.


Looking for Best Quality TMT Bars in Rajasthan? Visit AV Steel & Power

Looking for Best Quality TMT Bars in Rajasthan? Visit AV Steel & Power

Across the state, the wholesale market for steel has been untapped. Immediate delivery, consistent and guaranteed qualities are some of the basic requirements of every dealer in the Steel Industry which is always considered by AV Steel.

Pricing has always been an issue in this field. To solve this problem out, Birla TMT has come out with a solution to neutralize the prices all over. It has generated its QR Code for transparent pricing. If you want to know the price of any Birla TMT Bar, then just scan the given QR code and you are good to go. Isn’t it great??

Birla has always aimed to provide the best quality TMT bars which has excellent strength, earthquake and corrosion resistant with better weld ability. There are many more Qualities of Birla Steel. Birla Steel also knows that how the Meet the Future Challenges of the industry.

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One must know Tips for Building Strong Foundation of a Building because what a leg is to a body same is foundation to a home/building. Foundation is important as it gives support to the building and carries the weight of the structure.

Any building/home is made using Various Construction Elements- stone, treated wood, TMT bars (Saria) and Rebar, steel etc. In TMT bar, the best is of Birla. Birla TMT bars and Rebars are a perfect combination of Flexibility and Strength of TMT Bars as these both go hand in hand when it comes to TMT Steel Bars TMT Saria.

Have you ever given a thought that why people face so many troubles and spend huge amount of time in building the foundation of a building?

This is because a foundation is starting and basic material for any given project. If the foundation is not firm and robust then working on the building further is not worth doing. There are many Modern Technologies Developed for The Construction Process.

So, while adopting these modern technologies one should not forget about the foundation. The foundation becomes the base of the entire building which makes it stand like a sandcastle forever. Thus, it becomes essential to know the tips and hacks on How to Build a Strong Foundation of any Building.
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Soil Testing Is Important for Construction

Soil Testing Is Important for Construction

Soil testing becomes very important to check the quality of the soil before making your dream home or dream office. This is important because the ground or plain where you are going to build the building should have great quality. So, checking the ground or soil quality before the construction work starts is a must. Because protecting home from earthquakes etc. is vital. One should know tips to protect your home from earthquake.

Soil testing is done basically to check the bearing capacity. The physical and chemical composition of the soil goes under quality check. Along with soil testing one should know other tips to build a strong foundation of a building.

Testing of soil is very important step of the whole construction process. If the soil testing is not done then the building becomes more prone to unknown dangers and the end result of that can be fatal.

Gravity Test
Gravity of the soil is the ratio between the unit weight of soil solids and water.

There are few methods by which the gravity test can be done but Density Bottle Method and Pycnometer Method is one of the most simple and common ones to get the desired results. In Pycnometer Method, Vertex specific gravity bottle is known as pycnometer, which is weighed in 4 different cases that are:

• Empty weight (M1)
• Empty + dry soil (M2)
• Empty + water + dry soil (M3)
• Pycnometer filled with water (M4)

Specific gravity is determined by above given 4 masses at the room temperature by below given formula:

G = (M2 – M1) / (M2 – M1) – (M3 – M4)

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Why to choose TMT Bars and Rebars

Why to choose TMT Bars and Rebars

You all must be wondering why choose TMT Bars and Rebars over any other available in the market. Because TMT bar and Rebar possess high yield strength than mild steel. Also TMT bars yields greater tensile strength, flexibility, and ductility as compared to high yield strength deformed bars. Along with knowing all the above mentioned points one should also the manufacturing process of TMT bars and Rebar and also production process of stainless steel.

TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars is a technological process for producing high strength deformed steel bars for concrete reinforcement. TMT Bars and TMT rebar have tough outer core and soft inner core. The high strength in the TMT Bars is obtained by the thermo-mechanical treatment it goes through wherin the bars gets cooled off intensively just right after rolling process. Thus, making the perfect combination of flexibility and strength required for the ideal TMT bars and TMT rebar.

Then there is a quick reduction in the temperature of the outer layer makes it hard while the inner layer continues to stay hot. Thus, the ductility and strength of the bar enhances due to tempering which takes place.
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Top Raw Materials for Construction

Top Raw Materials for Construction

Want to know the top raw materials required for any construction purpose? Then you are at the right place. Building a home or any building is a dream for the owner. Especially for a common man, it is that space where he/she can relax without any care of the world. Bricks, TMT Bar and Rebar, steel etc are some of the raw materials. There are also many facts regarding steel that you will be amazed to know.

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Production Process of Stainless Steel

So there are many factors relevant for the man like design, safety, longitivity, strength etc. to meet these expectations, the building should be made with good quality raw materials. The construction sector has always been there to reassure about the quality and safety to the customers/people. To know the products briefly, you can go through the list of building materials.

Below mentioned are some of the raw materials required for the construction purpose:

  1. Bricks The bricks are the base of the construction building no matter the size or functionality of the structure. Thus the magical clay provides the structure the initial form of a house.

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Thermal Resistance of TMT Rebar

Thermal Resistance of TMT Rebar

The thermal-resistance property of TMT bar and Rebar has made it popular and is now a standard practice in the construction process. With new advancements and modern technologies in construction process, the thermal-resistance of TMT Bar and TMT rebar results in efficient strategies for the construction purpose. This in turn, results in enhancing the lifespan, flexibility and structural strength which is important of the building.

It also saves from natural disasters like earthquake etc. It helps in enhancing the handling capacity of the building, thus it can withstand all the natural conditions. Learn more tips to save building from earthquake.
The Weak Point
There are many types of natural disasters, but fire causes the worst and most damages. They majorly affect the structure and integrity of the building structure. There are many cases been reported of such type in which the buildings collapsed and severe damages were made.

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