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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 20, 2019
Headline for 7 Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors to Sri Lanka - What you must know on your first visit to Sri Lanka
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7 Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors to Sri Lanka - What you must know on your first visit to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island and there are ample of things to do and see. If you are planning to head to the island here are some details on what first-time travellers should know.


Carry an umbrella and sunscreen

Even though, a tropical island the weather in the country is quite unpredictable. It is sunny and dry during most months of the year but that doesn't mean there couldn't be an occasional thunderstorm. Keep in mind to pack an umbrella as well as sunblock as you will need both.


Food is amazing

You will fall in love with the food in Sri Lanka. From roadside shops to luxurious restaurants the food in the country is one thing you will definitely appreciate.


Be prepared to walk

Being a tropical island the weather in Sri Lanka is pretty good all year-round. However, it can be quite warm and humid during certain months. In order to make the most of your trip to Sri Lanka, it is best to walk and cover the smaller distances. Unless you have to travel about 10 to 15 kilometres, try to walk as much as possible to enjoy the country, atmosphere, food and the locals' hospitality. So make sure you pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes when you visit Sri Lanka. Tours and guided trips will not require as much as walking as you would if you were travelling without a guide.


Beaches are stunning

The beaches in Sri Lanka are a subject everyone knows about. The stunning photos and brochures do not lie about how stunning the beaches are on this little island. Being an island there are so many different beaches all around the island that are beautiful in their own unique way. Galle, Hikkaduwa, Negombo, Trincomalee, Arugambay are some of the popular beaches around the island. Steuart Holidays are bound to add a few beaches around the island when they plan your vacation itinerary.


Spend time with nature

The Knuckles Mountain Range, Horton Plains, Sri Pada offseason are some of the treks you can take if you love spending time being adventurous. Visit the Nine Arches Bridge, the hot springs in Trincomalee and go waterfall-hopping on the hill country as you will get to enjoy nature in all its glory.


Spend time in Colombo but plan to travel around

Colombo is an extravagant and lavish city. You will come across sky-scrapers, high-end hotels and fine-dining restaurants all around the city. Make sure you visit Colombo at least for a day or two but focus on travelling around the island.


Keep time for travelling

Sri Lanka although a small island compared to other Asian countries, is a gem that contains many different attractions, excursions and views. There are so many things to see and so many things to do when you go to Sri Lanka that you tend to plan your itinerary extremely tightly that you get to cover 75% of the island in fourteen days. Remember that the roads and the public transport system in Sri Lanka are not very developed, keep time for travelling as you will be tired after a long journey and you do not want to rush through the vacation.

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