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Best Things to Do in Paramatta – See a new side of Australia

Between the Sydney CBD and the world-renowned Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales of Australia is a hidden gem named Paramatta awaiting the arrival of curious tourists. Here is a synopsis of what is in store.


Meander in the Paramatta Park

These beautifully manicured gardens are patronized by locals on a daily basis and for good reason. Heritage varieties of roses are grown in one area, children have ample space to play, there is enough tranquillity for intimate chats and scrumptious meals are served at the old Government House. Plan to spend the afternoon through to the late hours of the evening when the temperatures become quite pleasant. Yet, if you wish to cover the length and breadth of the park, you may need to visit a few times as they are widely spread.


Be Charmed by the St John's Cathedral

People are drawn by the twin spires that they see when they look out of the windows of their hotel in Paramatta Sydney and usually couple it with a visit to the south of the Paramatta Park. The royal memorial gates welcome the devotees and other visitors who also spend time in the gardens enjoying the flower beds and large trees. This Anglican place of worship is probably one of the oldest in all of Australia and was duly recognized as a heritage site.


Unwind at Prince Alfred Square

One day it could be a circus and another it could be a popular band that performs at this vibrant venue, which is located just across the river from the PARKROYAL Paramatta. Some hundreds of years ago, there had been a prison in these premises, but today it is home to a war memorial and a memorial clock tower which are landmarks that the locals are proud of.


Cruise Along to Cockatoo Island

The great Paramatta River stems from a creek just outside the township and flows right through to the Sydney metropolis before being joined by several other bodies of water. On its way, it irrigates many crops, gives life to national parks and fees little tributaries. While you could opt for a short chug – chug up or down the river if you are short of time, the most popular trip down the river is to visit the island of Cockatoo. Another UNESCO heritage site of Australia that is infamous for the views it offers of the Sydney Harbour; Cockatoo also describes the life of convicts in the olden days.


Explore the Bushland

A short drive away from the Paramatta CBD is the bushland known as Lake Paramatta. The lake per se welcomes eager swimmers from the month of October when the temperatures hit comfortably warm digits. Those who fear swimming can choose from kayaks, rowboats, canoes and paddleboats depending on the number of people and their levels of competency. Plan to spend an entire day here with packs of sandwiches, cookies, ginger beer and scones for the whole group. Children will appreciate the opportunity to gather first-hand information about bushlands and their flora and fauna while revelling in all the activities.