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8 World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka - Treasures in the little island

Sri Lanka is a country that is overflowing with natural beauty and there are other man-made locations which are just as beautiful and also historically or culturally important.


Kandy City

Kandy city is considered to be one of the most important cities in Sri Lanka. Due to the location of the temple of the Tooth Relic, the city as a whole is considered a religiously and culturally important location. Being the last palace where the kind was ruling from before colonisation the said palace which is now the temple of the tooth relic is also located in Kandy.



Sigiriya which is a natural rock formation was turned into a fortress and is considered the 8th World Wonder by those who have visited Sirigiya. The entrance to the palace is marked with the front part of a lion that is seated guarding the entrance. The stairway to the Sigiriya fortress, the stunning carvings and the irrigation system are some of the most modern techniques that were used from back in the day which mesmerised the archaeologists who discovered the details.



Anuradhapura is not only a historically important location but also a religiously and culturally important location. The ruins that can be seen from the palaces from back in the day and the numerous pagodas that are scattered in the city are of great importance to the locals and Buddhists from around the world.



The Galle Fort and the Galle city combined is one of the most stunning cities in Sri Lanka. The Dutch fort that was built made the city look extremely grand and the ruins have now been transformed into a secluded shopping square which is one of the most picturesque places in Sri Lanka. There are sections from which you can stand on the walls of the fort and have a 360-degree view of the stunning city, the beach and the rest of the fort.



Polonnaruwa was once the location where the King Ruling Sri Lanka was located in. With time and power the city in which the king rules from changed and when the King was in Polonnaruwa the city flourished greatly. The religious monuments, the remains of a palace, water tanks and other great creations made Polonnaruwa a heritage site.


Dambulla Cave Temple

The Dambulla Cave Temple is the perfect example for the harmonious mergings of natural creations and man-made creations. Most Sri Lanka vacation packages include Dambulla Cave Temple in their itinerary as they are aware this is an intriguing location that is not only historically but also culturally and religiously important. When planning your vacation with SoulTrek Sri Lanka make sure you include this location!


Central Highlands

The Central Highlands in Sri Lanka includes several locations in the central land of the island. Horton Plains National Park, Knuckles Conservation Forest and the Peak Wilderness Protected area are considered the Central Highlands UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located over two thousand meters above sea level the area was marked a Heritage Site in the year 2010.


Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja is the last remaining primary rainforest in Sri Lanka and was marked as a UNESCO Heritage Site in the year 1988. The rain forest is full of endemic trees and species which are bound to go extinct unless they are taken care of. For those who love nature, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a gold mine!