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Headline for Five Reasons Why Millennials Should Opt For A Co-Living Space - Top 5 Reasons Why Co-Living Units are a Good Idea for Mi
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Five Reasons Why Millennials Should Opt For A Co-Living Space - Top 5 Reasons Why Co-Living Units are a Good Idea for Mi

With a diverse set of values from their parents and grandparents, Millennials are making smarter choices when it comes to living arrangements. Here's why co-living is the ultimate answer in this quest.


The Financial Benefits

Those who are moving to the city to find employment or to start their careers are often in no position to finance their own home or apartment. Even after working in the city for a few years, most Millennials will find that the high cost of real estate means that finding an affordable home is nearly impossible without compromising on comfort and convenience. Co-living spaces, on the other hand, are easier on one's wallet as they are fully furnished and well-equipped households without the high costs. Only a two month's rent deposit is required to gain access to a co-living space where utility bills, Wi-Fi and other amenities are divided among the inhabitants.


The Community Aspect

One of the most attractive benefits of inhabiting a co-living space instead of a single apartment or room is that Millennials find a sense of community in the former. Isolation and depression are not only one of the most common threats facing the current work force but Millennials are especially susceptible to this epidemic due to their individualistic lifestyles and technologically dependent way of being. Offering Millennials a greater sense of belonging and camaraderie, co-living spaces allow those with similar ideals to share a living space and benefit from one another's company and support.


Carefree Living Option

Time is perhaps the most precious commodity Millennials have and those who opt for a co-living space can spend their time enjoying the things that truly matter without letting household chores, repairs and other work around the flat getting in the way. The co-living space's management team takes care of these smaller details of the household or apartment and all the inhabitants need to do is to inform the management. Eliminating household chores and repairs means Millennials can reap the benefits of living in a home without the hassles that come with maintenance.


Security with Independence

Millennials do not respond well to curfews and other restrictions placed upon their lifestyles as they believe it is an infringement of their right to come and go as they please. Co-living spaces provide this ease of access and ability up and leave at any time of the day or night while also providing the security most young people expect from an apartment complex or other shared living space. With CCTV monitoring and around the clock security, one need not worry about the safety at all.


The Freedom to Choose

Whether one selects a Singapore co living hub the likes of lyf Funan or any similar venue, the atmosphere of non-judgmental acceptance and tolerance is a major factor in co-living spaces. Non-discriminatory in nature and those with different backgrounds, preferences and sexualities can co-exist peaceably. This reflects the attitudes of most millennials towards aspects such as ethnicity and orientation.

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