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12 Authentic Food in Singapore You Want to Try - 12 Traditional Dishes to Try during a Trip to Singapore

Often described as a foodie heaven for the masses, Singapore is a culinary paradise for the masses. Here are a dozen dishes every traveller must dig into during a tour of the bustling metropolis.


Nasi Lemak

As a beloved Malay dish, Nasi Lemak is a rice dish that's ideal for those who love Asian rice meals. Made using coconut milk which is cooked in pandan leaves, the meal also includes eggs, sambal, a fried meat item, cucumbers and fish paste.


Chilli Crab

Seafood enthusiasts visiting Singapore should sample this classic Singaporean dish which is cooked in a delicious black pepper sauce. The dish which was first served in food carts in the late 1950s has become a staple for all diners looking for authentic Singaporean dishes.



This folded pancake with a delicious stuffing is an Indian and Singaporean fusion dish which serves as an ideal snack any time of the day. The filling contains meat items and sometimes sardines while the crispy pancake-like naan is also fried to perfection to create the perfect container for the filling.


Kaya Toast

If Singapore has a classic breakfast dish it is Kaya toast and coffee. This unique honey, egg and pandan leaf jam is spread on toast and served along with half-boiled eggs and a cup of coffee. Dedicated Kaya toast restaurants and food carts are common all across the country.


Hainanese Chicken

When locals and expats speak of Singaporean chicken rice it is this Hainanese chicken meal they refer to. Simple but delectable, this fragrant rice dish topped off with a number of sauces and sesame oil gets its delicious flavour from being slow-cooked in chicken broth.



Nyonya Cuisine is an integral part of authentic Singaporean cuisine and Otak-Otak is a traditional dish in this cannon. This steamed fish cake which is also infused with tapioca flour and served in a banana leaf wrapping is a delicious pick-me-up dish and is at times consumed as a side dish with rice.



Little India is arguably the best place to sample the irresistible taste of Indian Biryani which is also a dish with Muslim influences. Available in a variety of incarnations and meat items, Biryani is the perfect rice lunch meal for those with big appetites.


Roti Prata

With its roots in Malaysia, Roti Prata is a variation of the Indian paratha roti. Often served with a vegetable or meat infused curry, Roti Prata can be consumed as a breakfast dish and a dinner time item. Travellers based at Park Hotel Alexandra or any similar hotels near Mapletree Business City Singapore will find many food carts serving this dish.


Fried Hokkien Mee

Hailing from the southern reaches of China, Hokkien Mee is a rice and egg noodle concoction which is topped off with a plethora of seafood including oysters, prawns and squid.


Char Kway Teow

As an integral part of local food culture, a bowl of Char Kway Teow is a great way to kick start one's day in Singapore. Made using rice noodles, eggs, prawn and Chinese sausages, this stir fry dish is akin to Thailand's Pad Thai in texture.



Comparable to kebabs, Satays are barbequed meat items which are served on a wooden stick. The Satay sauce is what makes this dish different from similar kebab dishes elsewhere while the best place to find Satays is at Singapore's food markets and night markets.


Bak Kut Teh

Also known as "pork rib soup", this herbal broth which is infused with copious amounts of garlic and pepper is a must-sample treat for pork lovers.

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