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Must-Visit Religious Places in Kowloon - A religious journey through town

When it comes to attractions in Kowloon, there are a lot of religious places that are highlighted in the area. Here are some of the popular religious attractions.


The Wong Tai Sin Temple

This is a popular Shrine and a tourist highlight found in Hong Kong. The Wong Tai Sin Temple is a religious attraction that is dedicated to Taoism and many people from all parts of the country make it a point to visit this Temple. The belief of the people is that the temple will fulfil and make their wishes come true if they are a faithful devotee. If you are on a religious attraction trip in Kowloon and you want to understand the history of this fabulous area in Hong Kong this temple is a must add on to your list. The travellers who are staying at Nathan Road Hong Kong hotels the lives of Travelodge Kowloon will find that this Temple is easily accessible. The temple is open from 7 a.m. and shuts only at 5:00 p.m. The entry fee to this temple is about 900 local rupees.


Chi Lin Nunnery

This nunnery was built as a tribute to the melting point that Kowloon is. The place is located right in the centre of Hong Kong. This nunnery was built about eight years ago and was dedicated to Buddhism. If you are in this part of Kowloon you must visit this place not just for its religious significance but also for you to admire the architecture of the building as it is quite unique. This building has the pride of being one of the largest handmade wooden buildings on earth. This sanctuary is home to a prayer hall, a school and a library.


Cheung Ha Ching Si Temple

You cannot do a religious attraction tour in this part of Hongkong and not cover this temple. Located in the Youjiawang district in Hong Kong, this temple's architecture is highly influenced by the old age Hongkong royalties and is a great site to look at and explore regardless of whether your excursion is religious or not.


The Hindu mandir temple

This is a Hindu temple found in Kowloon, Hong Kong and the architecture of this temple is completely influenced by the Indian old age architecture style. The Hindus who live in Hong Kong travel far and wide do the pooja and rituals at this temple. Filled with colourful idols and bright decoration this is a happy place for the Hindus who live in Hong Kong.


Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery

This building was constructed in the 1950s and was later rebuilt in 2010 with additional floors. The building is home to a Buddhist shrine, a library, a cultural welfare centre, a kitchen, and a community hall. This kitchen serves only vegetarian food. The great hall found inside this temple is about 45 metres tall and is decorated with a Lotus Shrine. Another hall that is found inside the structure has three large gold plated statues of Buddha's. There are many other greatly carved design artefacts to be found inside this Buddhist monastery.