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Hip-Hop, an Alternative Cure for Mental Illness

Psychiatrists from Cambridge University claim that hip-hop therapy – the purposeful use of Hip-Hop culture in a therapeutic relationship – can help people who are depressed or mentally ill cope with their corresponding conditions. In an article published in The Lancet Psychiatry, this team of researchers says that lyrics that speak of overcoming struggles and difficult conditions offer a form of refuge for the desperate.

Low Self-Esteem in Teenagers

It is normal for any teenage to lack confidence every now and then, however, people with self-esteem issues tend to have a different way of seeing things. Low self-esteem, especially for younger people, can be particularly difficult. This is because most of them are still looking for safe places to ground themselves, form trustworthy friendships and connections. Equipping your child with positive self-esteem is important as it gives them the confidence to try out new things, take healthy and well-calculated risks of their own accord, and solve problems with complete trust in their own capabilities.

Confronting the Mental Health Stigma in the Black Community

There is a negative stigma surrounding mental health existing in the black community. Instead of seeking help from a mental health counselor for conditions like anxiety, PTSD, and depression, many resort to self-medication, drug abuse, or isolation. This existing issue of masking one’s pain is especially rampant among black men who have been brought up in a society that believed “men are not supposed to cry” and that “men should deal with their problems on their own.”

What Is Happening to the African American Youth?

According to Dr. Jeffrey Bridge, a researcher at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, suicide rates among African American children aged 5 to 11 have increased since 1993 and arepersisting. Suicide was ranked as the 14th leading cause of death among African American youth in 1993, but as of today, it has risen in the 10th place with rates that nearly double compared to other races.

Spotting Suicidal Warning Signs on Social Media

One of the most challenging things about helping somebody with a mental health condition is recognizing whether their social media activity indicates suicidal intent or not. With one too many people using social media like online diaries, it can be difficult to differentiate normal sadness from disconcerting depression.

How You Can Help a Friend in Need

One of the most hard-hitting things a person can experience is hearing a friend or family member tell them they want to die. And while it can be tempting to write it off as attention-seeking, it is important to take all warning signs and suicidal ideation seriously.

What Blank Panther Is Doing for the Mental Health of African Americans

“Representation affects people’s identity.” – Dr. Ruth Shim, Director of Cultural Psychiatry and Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of California, Davis.

Different Treatments for Bipolar Disorder

If you or someone you know has a bipolar disorder, there is still hope. Some treatments can support the recovery of people with bipolar disorder

How Can I Eat More Mindfully?

Implementing a healthy diet plan can do a lot to improve your overall mood and sense of well-being. Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling, your trusted and responsible provider of mental health care in North Carolina is here to give you a few tips on how to start making positive changes in the way you eat.

How to Avoid Hampering Your Relationships

We all have our wounds and unresolved issues, and often we unknowingly drag these into our relationships. That is why Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling is here to provide you with top-quality mental health care in North Carolina, to help you put a stop to your self-sabotaging tendencies.

The Different Myths About Depression

The various myths and stigma that are related to depression caused needless shame and misery—which may stop people from getting the proper help and treatment they need. The following thoughts and statements reflect some of the common misconceptions African Americans have about depression, “If our ancestors made it through slavery, you could make it through anything.

Symptoms of Clinical Depression in African-Americans

Depression may be exhibited differently among African-Americans due to cultural differences. To help identify if you—or someone you know—requires screening for clinical depression from a licensed mental health counselor, Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling is providing you with a list of signs and symptoms that can help.

The Stress that Accompanies an Outbreak

The fear and anxiety that comes with a disease can be overwhelming and can cause strong emotions in both adults and children. And now, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the stress of society’s current situation might be too much for some people.

Improve Self-Discipline with These Simple Habits

Self-discipline is one of the many skills that people find difficult to master. Oftentimes, we may feel like there is just no controlling our impulses and we should just go with wherever it wants to take us.

What Can Cause Emotional and Psychological Trauma?

Living with emotional and psychological trauma can make you feel helpless and can leave you struggling with emotions that don’t seem to go away. As a result, you feel disconnected and unable to trust other people.

Identifying the Symptoms of Trauma

As mental health experts, we at Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling, your trusted provider of mental health care in North Carolina, would like to inform you that there is no right or wrong, proper or improper way to reacting, responding, thinking, and feeling about your traumatic experience.

Mental Health in the African American Community

To talk about mental health in the African American community is to understand the historical dehumanization and oppression they have experienced as a people, which evolved into the structural and institutional racism they face today.

Ending Mental Health Stigma in the African American Community

A striking aspect of mental health disorders is the universality of the stigma around it. And like every problem that pervades the fabric of the society, the minority and those who are less privileged are the ones most affected.

How Therapy Can Help You With Self-Esteem Issues

Self-esteem refers to the opinion we have of ourselves. This is based on past experiences and beliefs we have about ourselves. Having low self-esteem means that you struggle to value yourself. According to counseling directory, this can affect your daily life in little ways such as having a tough time believing in yourself or huge ways such as depression, self-harm, and eating disorders.

Stress and How It Can Negatively Affect You

Stress in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. According to, it is the body’s physical response when it thinks it is under attack. This causes various releases of hormones and physical reactions. While this response is important for survival in dangerous situations, being stressed for long periods can be detrimental to our health.

Sex Addiction: Often Not Discussed but Nonetheless Real

People usually associate addictions with substance abuse, such as in alcohol and drug addictions. However, sex addiction is considered similar to these compulsive behaviors. It can be highly dangerous and impact a person’s relationships.

Common Causes of Anger Management Issues

Anger is a natural and instinctive response to threats. However, it becomes a problem when you have trouble controlling it. Uncontrolled anger is detrimental to a person’s physical and emotional health.

Choosing the Right Therapist for Your Teen

A well-trained and skilled mental health counselor can provide your child with the support that they need to cope with the problems they are facing. However, there are a variety of therapists that work with teens so, as a parent, it’s good to know what you should be looking for (e.g., should you get a Black counselor or someone from a different ethnic background) to make sure they are the best fit for your child.

What Is Masturbation Addiction?

Although masturbation addiction is not a diagnosable mental health condition, it can have a huge impact on a person’s daily life, which is why it’s important that some light be shed on the issue.

Finding One's Motivation to Change

Sometimes, what we need to move on and change for the better is finding something or someone to motivate us. Knowing the things that will inspire a person can be a challenge, especially for individuals with self-destructive behaviors or behavioral addiction. With this, Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling offer Motivational Interview for these individuals. Our Mental Health Service in Raleigh, North Carolina centers on finding that motivation to help them view their behaviors more objectively and change them.