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Contact Child Support Enforcement & Custody Lawyers in Florida

If you have children and going through a divorce, contact Joseph Corey's accomplished Child Support Lawyers to help in legal problems related to child support enforcement or modification in Florida. Our child custody lawyer at Joseph M. Corey, Jr., P.A. can help you negotiate custody, by ascension.


Find the Right Family Law and Divorce Attorney In Florida

Are you looking best family law attorney. At Joseph M. Corey, Jr., P.A. we are there to assist you in understanding the legal complexities of a divorce or legal separation. Our top rated divorce attorneys are there to provide convenient legal solutions. Contact directly to our family divorce lawyer @ (305) 557-1750.

When Do I Need To See a Family Custody Lawyer?

If your spouse lives in a different jurisdiction (different state or country), your divorce case will get more complex, and you will need a family custody attorney to help you during the legal proceedings. However, you should still try to learn at least the basic laws of custody and divorce in your case. The lawyer will try to help you and guide you through the whole legal battle.

Choosing the Right Legal Help for Your Divorce Case

Finding the right attorney for your divorce is critical. They will help you get the most out of your divorce, speed up the procedure, lower the financial burden and make everything go smoother. On the other hand, going through a divorce without a divorce lawyer means emotional stress and a financial nightmare.

The Role of Your Lawyer When Planning for Divorce

Getting a #divorce can be more expensive and time-consuming, but with right legal counsel from The Law Offices of Joseph M. Corey, JR PA, it doesn’t have to be. Please feel free to contact our experienced Virginia Garden divorce lawyers today to learn more about what we can do to help you in divorce case.

What is Mediation? Is Family Law Lawyers Right For Me?

The mediation process is usually recommended by family law lawyers for couples who already get along and want to openly negotiate the divorce. If the mediation process is successful, the divorce will be granted in several days, after the judge validates the divorce agreement. During the mediation process, both parties will have the opportunity to discuss their preferences and specific needs.

Paternity Attorney: Why Hiring One Is Well Worth It

Paternity issues arise when couples have to divorce and establish child support payments. Paternity is also very important when it comes to child adoptions, custody, visitation right, health care, and inheritance. Paternity is also relevant in case of accidents or other legal concerns related to child parents.

Learn More About Your Rights in The Divorce Process

If you are in the process of divorcing from your spouse, need an alimony lawyer, paternity lawyer, timesharing lawyer, name change lawyer, or a private adoption lawyer please feel free to come into our Miami Springs law office and speak with an experience family divorce lawyer to learn more about your rights.

Choosing top divorce lawyers for your divorce

Choosing top divorce lawyers for your divorce may be the most important thing you do during the proceedings. Keep in mind that divorces are complex proceedings, much more complex than you’d expect. The stakes are high, both emotionally and financially, so you will need expert legal help.

Domestic Violence Law Firm - Why You Need One

Domestic violence, no matter the victim, is unacceptable and it should be reported to the authorities as quickly as possible. Legal support is also recommended, as a good domestic violence lawyer can help victims file a lawsuit or ask for financial compensation.

The Difference Between Contested And Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, the couple is able to agree on such problems as marital property division and parenting time schedules. A contested divorce means that the terms of the marriage dissolution are not completely agreed upon by both parties. Our attorneys at Joseph Corey are handling all types of family and divorce cases.