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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 19, 2019
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5 Things people don't know about Singapore - A guide that highlights all the essential facts!

Singapore has a diverse ethnic background and many people from all around the world have found a home in this country. If you're moving to Singapore anytime soon, here are 5 things you ought to know!


Continuously Growing!

No, you didn't miss read that. Singapore has been continuously growing and statistics show that there has been a 25% increase over the past four decades alone. When you visit places like Marina Bay, Tuas or the East Coast, you ought to know that you are standing on something that didn't exist few years ago. Just in the last 50 years, the population of Singapore has risen from 1,600,000 to about 5,300,000. This makes it one of the world's densely populated areas. Besides, if you're looking for best-value hotels in Singapore close to these tourist areas, then you can check out properties like Destination Singapore Beach Road which is only 3 km away from Marina Bay.


Malay is the national language

Wondering what the national language is? Well, the title gives it away doesn't it? The Malay language is the national language of the country. Don't worry, you do not need to know Malay to get around when in Singapore. There are 4 official languages which include English, Tamil, Mandarin Chinese and also Malay. English is spoken widely, therefore, you will find yourself integrating into this culture and society quite easily as you can communicate with the rest of the people.


World's Fastest Walkers

It might come as a surprise to you that there is research done on countries where people walk fast. A British psychologist named Professor Richard Wiseman started this strange study. His study included 32 countries where he found that the top 5 fastest walking countries on the planet are Singapore, Copenhagen, Madrid, Guangzhou, and Dublin. And guess what? Singapore topped the list. So, what is so fascinating about this research? Well, firstly it gives you an insight into the city. Researchers have stated that cities that have busy streets with wide pavements that are flat and free from any obstacles and aren't too crowded will have a population that can walk fast!


Chili Crab

Asian cuisine is full of flavour and is absolutely delicious. And in Singapore, the chilli crab has made it into the top 50 delicious food list in the world which was compiled by the CNN not too long ago. And guess where the chilli crab was placed? At number 35! This means you have to give this a try when in Singapore. Don't make excuses, unless you're allergic to crabmeat of course! In that case, you can be excused.


Singaporean Values

Singaporeans are very patriotic, and they put their nation before anyone or anything else. The idea of society and community is a very important aspect of the local lifestyle. This also goes for respect for elders, family values and also respect for each other. With such great values, it is a perfect place to raise a family, and this is the reason why many people head to Singapore for a better lifestyle.

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