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Updated by Kashish Intellectual Property Group on Jun 30, 2020
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IPR Services: Trademark, Patent, Copyright

Trademark - Trademark Registration Services | KIPG

Trademark Registration Services: KIPG help Their clients in determining the viability & availability of their proposed trademarks for use & registration across the world.

Patent Searches - Patents Trademarks Copyrights | KIPG

Our patentability patent searches involve US, WIPO, EPO, Japan, Korea, China, Canada, and hundreds of other foreign jurisdictions.

Industrial design - Intellectual property | Kashish Intellectual Property

KIPG serve their valuable clients to determine the legal feasibility and availability of their proposed industrial designs for use & registration worldwide.

Copyright Registration Service, Copyright Protection | KIPG

A Copyright Registration Service is the right to own one’s ingenious work. It gives the owner exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, perform & display the work..

Domain Name Registration Services - Domain Name Registration | KIPG

Kashish Intellectual Property Group Offers Domain Name Registration Services . Contact us @ (230) 4278861, 4260399 and Register your Domain Name.

Geographical Indication Registration - Registered Gls | KIPG

Geographical indication (GI) is a name, sign or a symbol used on certain goods corresponding to a specific geographical locality,

IP Licensing laws | Franchising laws Services | KIPG

KIPG team of lawyers possesses extensive knowledge related to Licensing and Franchising laws enabling us to provide significant assistance..

Intellectual property portfolio review & management - KIPG

In order to fully exploit and maximize the value of one’s Intellectual property portfolio, it is necessary that business owners conduct regular audits to identify

Copyright - Importance and Considerations for Start-Ups

It is essential to make a point of the fact that Copyright Protection begins as soon as the work is created; however, legally registering for copyright protection doesn't happen automatically.

InfoGation Corporation Sues Google Alleging Patent Infringement over its Maps API

InfoGation Corporation, a pioneer in the development of navigation software, has quite recently filed a Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Google in the Texas Western District Court,

Intellectual Property Protection in Vietnam

The National Assembly of Vietnam passed the law on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in 2005, which was amended and supplemented at a later stage in 2009.

Peanut Butter Labeling Dispute between Bega Cheese and Kraft Erupts Again

The 2019 federal court ruling was in favor of Bega Cheese, which allowed the company to use the Trademark and the yellow lid on its peanut butter jars

Amazon Wins Patent for a Blockchain-Based Product Authenticator

The king of E-Commerce and shipping, Amazon, has quite recently won a new patent for a Distributed Ledger Technology-based (DLT) system that efficiently proves the authenticity of consumer goods

Intellectual Property Rights for an Emerging Africa

There are two regional organizations promoting Intellectual Property Rights in Africa. One of them is the African Regional .. (ARIPO)

UKIPO Grants a 'Motion Mark' for the First Time

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has granted a multimedia trademark to Toshiba, a Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo.

Thanjavur Netti Works and Arumbavur Wood Carvings Receive the GI Tag

The Deputy Registrar of Geographical Indications, Chinnaraja G.Naidu, has stated that both the GI applications have got registered and have received the GI tag.

Benmor Medical Secures Patent for Bariatric Bed in the UK and Europe

Benmor Medical Secures Patent for Bariatric Bed in the UK and Europe

Bombay High Court Says Copyright Extends to Storyline, Plot, & Theme of Literary Works

The Bombay High Court has quite recently ruled that when it comes to literary artworks, copyright extends to not only the expression of the core idea but also to its storyline, plot, and theme.

Media & Entertainment Group ABS-CBN Secures the Necessary Rights over IP Work

As per various reports, Philippines' largest entertainment and media group, ABS-CBN Corporation, has quite recently secured all the necessary rights over its Intellectual Property (IP) work,

Bombay High Court Rules that 'ISKCON' is a Well-Known Trademark in India

The Bombay High Court (HC) has quite recently ruled that 'ISKCON' - a Registered Trademark of the religious organization 'International Society for Krishna Consciousness'

Twitter Bans Pro-Trump Meme Creator Permanently for Copyright Infringement

Twitter Bans Pro-Trump Meme Creator Permanently for Copyright Infringement

ISRO Wins Indian Patent for its Liquid Cooling and Heating Garment

The space agency of the Government of India, the ISRO, has quite recently won a patent for its LCHG, which offers protection from the cold and hot environments.