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How to get your Wordpress Site Ranked Higher through SEO | HA Technologies

WordPress is the most popular blog hosting platform and Content Management System. The Blog hosting of WordPress is available at, while its open-source CMS can be found on

How Shopify became the Top E-Commerce Platform Introduction | HA Technologies

In today’s day and age, almost every person gets their information for general websites and blogs, and for this, WordPress is the undisputed king, no one comes near their thrones, to be fair, no one is trying very much.

What to do in Technical SEO Audit for a Website | HA Technologies

Most of the Website developers and SEO Experts focus only on the two areas of the SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO, but in fact, there is a third area of SEO, and that is as important as the other two areas of SEO, which is the Technical SEO and its audit.

5 Common Mistakes you can do on a Wordpress Website. | HA Technologies

Wordpress is the most common and widely used CMS and blogging platform in the world most for web development purposes. So many people using one platform is sure to get a problem or two during its functioning, enormity does have its issues. But at the same time, having a huge user base and being an open-source platform, solutions to problems can be found within a day. So below, we have listed the five most common mistakes people make on the WordPress website and how these mistakes affect their websites.

5 Graphic Design Trends that gained popularity this year | HA Technologies

Web design and graphic design are essential for the Tech industry. The first line of recognition that many visitors have with your business are through your branding and graphic designs. So it is of utmost importance that the designs you are following are better suited to your company and follow the latest new design trends.

Tips for Marketing to the Younger Generation | HA Technologies

In Pakistan, the youth in the age bracket of 18 to 38 years makes up 45% of the total population of the country. This makes rigorous marketing to this age group completely understandable. They might not have the buying power compared to their older counterparts, but they react more to any marketing strategy pitched to them. Most of the population in this age demographic have not seen a world without the internet, which makes them dependent on it for most of their daily life.

3 Awesome Lead Generation Tactics | HA Technologies

Many Local Businesses find it hard to market their business or products. Not only they have to compete with their local competitors, but customers also tend to go to with online giants merely because of the cost difference. So to stand out, marketing should always be on businesses’ minds, specifically the lead generations. Being a top Digital Marketing Firm, we have design 3 Surefire marketing and lead generation strategies for local companies that will not only generate leads for them but make them stand out compared with the competitions, and brand awareness comes with it too.

Revolution of Web Development | HA Technologies

With the revolution of business through web development, a new era of technology has begun. All the businesses which were manually run in the past, are now in need of a further boost through web development applications.When switching from a manual record-based system to a web-based application, we have plenty of choices depending on our needs. It’s imperative to know which technological framework best suits us, and through which application we can maximize our business efficiency with minimal efforts.

Mobile-first Indexing | HA Technologies

This means, you need to focus more and more towards the mobile version of your website, as the first thing that Google pinpoints is your website’s index and includes it in their baseline for determining the rankings.

Is Your Website is Responsive | HA Technologies

The subject of web design has raised previously in response a few occasions, and it is important enough for anyone with an online presence in order to be a subject that is worth exploring again. In simple terms, Web Responsive design (RWD) covers aspects of the site that expand access, ease of use and the experience of the visitor. Through aspects such as layout design and coding, RWD ensures that the site can be read, used and sailed regardless of the nature of the device which is accessed. Of the plate to smartphones via a laptop or our friend the old desktop computer, a site that uses RWD will be at home no matter where it seems, with the disturbing aspects such as resizing and scrolling, panning kept to a minimum.

Google Mobile Friendly Update | HA Technologies

There used to be a proverb that runs something along the lines of “When America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold”, which is an old saying designed to capture the global financial overwhelming influence of the United States of America. With the progress of the 21st century, it may well be that those who have a keen eye on the good in the world of public health are more inclined to watch out for China to develop the sniffles, but the principle remains the same. When a top player is not something different, it’s smart to pay very close attention, and in the areas of web design, and search for Internet and e-commerce, they simply do not come any bigger than Google.

E-commerce : Are you maximizing the sale with your product photography ? | HA Technologies

After all, if customers can not get the product in their hands to touch, taste, or smell, then the images to work twice as hard to do the sale. You need images that instill confidence in customers and display your product at its tastiest, flashier, blessed or more luxurious. This is ultimately what will force people to “Add to Cart” and thereby increase your conversion rates.

Why a Brand Should have a Facebook Application | HA Technologies

Facebook is thepith of current long range interpersonal communication. Associating and drawing in with individuals through a virtual world has never been less demanding.We had MSN errand person, Yahoo ambassador, IRC visit rooms, Orkut, and My Space in the past yet Facebook has changed the idea of interfacing with individuals.

Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps | HA Technologies

Application engineers today are trying to procure expansive fan bases target atleast iOS and Android. It additionally counts on the way of the application.

Branding for Business | HA Technologies

Checking is a champion amongst the basic parts of any business, expansive or little. A productive brand system gives you an imperative edge in forceful markets.

Optimize your Mobile Website | HA Technologies

How are you able to optimize and upgrade your mobile internet performance and diminish load time to satisfy your customer?48% of Smartphone and pill users knowledgeable about problems relating to internet streaming on their mobile device, addresses keynote in their Mobile User Survey. Over 1,000,000 shoppers perform their basic on-line activities through cell phones and you don’t typically want a retardant like loading time to line you back. A few approaches to optimize your mobile web site to perform quicker for users on their mobile devices will be:

About Social Media and your Business | HA Technologies

Right around 75% of little entrepreneurs is sure about their online networking procedures.It now appears to be extremely impossible to miss to think about a period when online networking wasn’t a center fixing in growing a little business. There are numerous business visionaries who fight with how to utilize online networking to draw in their groups of onlookers and advance their organizations.

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