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Updated by Kerda Softech on Jun 03, 2020
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Web Development

The Battle Of React Native Vs Flutter: Which One Is Better For The Website?

If the key focus is pace, simplicity and more efficient and effective performance, community benefits, UI opportunities and incredible design

How To Develop A High-Performance Landing Page Of A Website?

Improve Your Site Performance.Use all the components strategically for creating an effective and potent landing page design.

What is a mobile friendly website and why is it important for your business?

At Kerda Softech, our professionals decipher the significance of having a mobile-friendly website for any kind of business

Coronavirus Outbreak - How to keep your Digital Marketing Strategy Intact?

Without any second thoughts, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has affected both the global economy and the human lives to a massive extent.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Businesses during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is undoubtedly having a tremendous impact on all the countries, communities, and businesses across the globe.

What does your Business Needs the Most during the Coronavirus Outbreak?

As a business owner, you must be putting in sincere efforts nowadays to minimize the financial impact that the Coronavirus is having on your bottom line.

Why will the Coronavirus Outbreak Enhance Digital Marketing in the Coming Future?

In the Coronavirus crisis, the recession period is inevitable; however, the government authorities across different nations are undoubtedly making sincere efforts to ensure that the economy returns to a stable condition

How can Businesses Improve the Levels of Communication with their Customers?

Let us now make ourselves familiar with a few ways using which you can improve the levels of communication with your customers.

Web Development Services India | Web Design Company in Delhi | Wesite Development Services

For Boosting a Brand's Online Presence and Web Performance, KerdaSoftech Offers Creative Web Development Services by Incorporating the Latest Technologies and Trends.

Ways of Making Your Mobile Website Load Faster

loading speed becomes an even more critical aspect of a Digital Marketing Strategy when it comes to the mobile version of your website.

Benefits of E-Commerce Websites over Traditional Retail

E-Commerce website, you can sell your products and services at a global level by making your business run at a pace that you have consistently longed for in your ideal Digital Marketing Strategy.

Ways for Effective eCommerce Website Development

Secure payment gateways are offering customers a lot of reasons to do online shopping. All a customer needs to do is to click

Efforts Put in By the Social Media Platforms in the Wake of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Social Media Platforms, at present, are proactively taking their role in the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and continuously coming up with new measures to raise awareness about the seriousness of the deadly disease.

Necessary Changes for Every Digital Marketing Strategy during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Irrespective of the industry or sector you operate in, it is a matter of fact that yes – the Coronavirus outbreak has affected all of us. Besides, it is a situation that is subject to rapid change, as a result of which, your brand or business, must remain responsive and agile when it comes to Digital Marketing and messaging. The same applies to the way you manage your digital social presence and brand image, along with how you interact with your already existing and potential customers. Without any second thoughts, establishing and maintaining a strong social media presence should indeed be a priority for all the businesses out there – as should looking after the needs and demands of the customers. However, during the Coronavirus crisis, brands have a brand new and genuine opportunity for reaching out to their customers and then help them to remove their fears at ease. The same doesn’t imply that the Coronavirus outbreak is a digital marketing opportunity to capitalize on; however, it is undoubtedly a brilliant time to reflect on the crucial role a brand can play in the lives of its target audience. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with a few changes that you need to bring in your overall Digital Marketing Strategy during this pandemic.

How can Businesses Use Marketing and SEO to Deal with the Coronavirus Impact?

At this point, every individual across the globe should be taking all the safety precautions suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO). All the countries are making sincere efforts and stepping up with their policies to ensure the utmost protection of their citizens. However, the thing is that for small business owners and self-employed individuals, help in the Coronavirus crisis can be arduous to find. Whether you have a family-owned restaurant, a landscaping business, a privately-owned company, or a small retail shop, you may experience revenue losses in the next few months. Without any second thoughts, there is indeed a lot of uncertainty around the potential economic impact of the Coronavirus, which is undoubtedly scary. The question that now strikes is how businesses can survive the economic impact of the Coronavirus outbreak efficiently. Remember, it is not the time for creating a panic as all you have to do is keep calm and start optimizing. Also, the world is going to recover, too, so put in sincere efforts for tackling all the potentially impactful SEO and Digital Marketing strategies that you have had on your back burner. Now, it’s time to make ourselves familiar with a few tasks that you and your team can do while self-isolating and working remotely.