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Updated by CodeIT on Jan 13, 2020
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Top Digital Healthcare Trends

Learn more about the latest digital health trends to show the impact of technology on the healthcare industry

Using Speech Recognition Technology in Healthcare

Software based on speech recognition has a wide capability of capturing any spoken words to convert them to text. Speech recognition development incorporates voice recognition as a major instrument of identifying a person by their voice.
Automatic speech recognition has been under development for more than half a century, and now crossed the border of usage in one particular field or industry exclusively due to a myriad of benefits this technology brings to businesses and consumers.

How Healthcare Changes with Artificial Intelligence Application

Artificial intelligence (AI) deployment in healthcare proves to be a game-changer for the challenging environment of medical industry as health AI apps demonstrate great capabilities in managing communications between doctors and patients, delivering reliable and accurate diagnosis, reducing the risk of complications as well as percentage of patients’ readmission, and drug discovery, to name a few.


How tech is tackling women’s health and what’s in store for the future.

How tech is tackling women’s health and what’s in store for the future.

Women's health is a growing market, with a vast number of opportunities.

Top 6 Digital Healthcare Trends to Dominate 2020 - CodeIT

The major digital transformations set new healthcare trends that will prevail in 2020. Read on to know what shapes top six current healthcare technology trends.

Blockchain in Healthcare: Now and Hereafter

Effectiveness of medical service depends on development of modern technologies. The global medical system needs reforming because despite the huge expenses the desired level of social security in healthcare hasn’t been reached yet. Many researchers exploring this question have a simple solution to this problem — distributed technologies.
According to Cisco, the technology has the potential to store more than 10% of the globe’s total gross domestic product (GDP) by the year of 2027. Blockchain will help enlarge the internet of things (IOT), maintain the data and even create smart cities. So why not use its advantages in healthcare?

Patient Portal: Features to Improve Patient Engagement

According to the primary definition, a patient portal is a website providing 24/7 access service to patients’ personal health information across any device. With a username and password, it enables patients to see the history of visits, test results, immunizations, make payments.

Mental Health Apps: How to Develop High Efficient Solutions

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America introduced the facts and statistics indicating the alarming growth of cases of Anxiety disorders and depression in the United States. One of the most common mental health problems is Anxiety disorder that 40 million adults in the United States ranging from 18 years old and above suffer from, which results in affecting 18.1% of the population annually. Though Anxiety disorders are easier to treat than most mental disorders, only 36.9% receive treatment as many do not think their anxiety should be checked.
Ignoring this medical condition results from the fact that most people are not aware of how to take care of their mental health, how to check and track symptoms that might be alarming. In the Q2 Global Healthcare Report 2019 of CB Insights, investments in healthcare companies have increased globally from $26.5B to $26.9B. Companies that incorporate technology into problems of emotional, psychological and social well-being are a rising trend.

Doctors say climate change is posing health risks for children around the world | FierceHealthcare

Climate change is negatively affecting the health of children around the world, according to a new report. It called on health professionals to communicate those risks and make health impact part of the discussion on climate change.

How Telemedicine App Can Improve Healthcare in Rural Areas

Telemedicine apps can potentially change the healthcare industry by making it easier for all people, especially those in rural communities.