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Myles S. Breiner Attorney at Law - A Law Corporation

Myles S. Breiner is often sought by the media to comment on big cases and other legal news items. His recognized expertise has landed him several high-profile clients. Why put your future in the hands of a lawyer with less experience and knowledge? Whether you’re facing drug or DUI charges, a homicide charge or are under federal investigation for a white-collar crime, Mr. Breiner prioritizes your rights and your long-term well-being and fights every step of the way to protect your future.

False Identity Theft Accusations: What to Do

Identity theft is a common crime nowadays, especially with the emergence of social media and electronic devices. This kind of crime happens when an individual steals and uses another person’s personal information for their benefit.

Receiving a Summons for a Criminal Charge

Receiving a summons means that you have to appear in court to answer for a crime you committed or possibly falsely accused of. Failure to respond to a summons is disadvantageous on your part. You may lose the case by default.

What to Expect During a Parole Revocation Hearing

Being released on parole is a privilege. It is a period that can determine whether you are ready to go back to society or not.

When you are on parole, you need to follow specific terms and conditions. The parole board will determine these terms based on your situation. Violating the conditions means incurring penalties that may include an extended probation term, fines, or going back to jail.

How Does a Temporary Restraining Order Work?

You might be familiar with a TRO or temporary restraining order from many movies or shows. A victim, typically of harassment, assault, or domestic violence, among others, gets a TRO against the perpetrator. A defense attorney helps the offender address the need for a TRO against them.

Defense Strategies Against Criminal Charges

Many people are being accused of criminal charges every day. However, some of them are innocent. During such occasions, they usually take advantage of a legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii to help them develop defense strategies to prevent imprisonment.

Common Defenses Against First Degree Murders

First-degree murder is a serious crime. Being convicted of first-degree murder can mean spending your life in prison. But, this does not mean that there is no defense available. If you are falsely accused of this crime, be sure to take advantage of criminal defense in Hawaii right away.

What to Do if You are Arrested During Your Vacation

Hawaii is a premier tourist destination, especially for those who love the beach and the Hawaiian culture. But, when you are being arrested, your vacation can go downhill. Being arrested during your vacation can be a stressful experience.

Young Offenders: What to Do with Your Child’s Case

It can be heartbreaking for any parent to know that their child was involved in a misdemeanor or felony. At the same time, the situation will also make you worry about what will happen to your child in terms of penalty.

Defending Yourself Against a Drug Possession Charge

Possessing illegal drugs carries a hefty fine and penalty. If you are charged with possessing illegal drugs, you need criminal defense in Hawaii.

There are different defenses you can use, depending on the details of your case. A defense attorney will help you identify which defense to use best in your situation.

What to Do After Sustaining Injuries at Work

There are jobs where employees are exposed to high levels of safety risks. Employers often purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. These plans will help pay for the medical costs that injured workers may incur.

Common Rights of Injured Workers

Each state has its own workers’ compensation laws. At the same time, the rights that injured workers have may also vary. Seeking legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii will be your best bet in identifying the specific rights that you have in case you sustain injuries from your line of work.

Things to Do When Accused of Financial Fraud

There are instances when business executives are accused of financial fraud. That is why many of them seek legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii for a solution. It is important to deal with the accusation right away. Investigations can take a long time. Having a defense attorney by your side will ensure that investigators will not exceed their powers.

Distracted Driving Laws in Hawaii: Things to Know

There is a reason why you always need to put your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Distracted driving has unintentionally claimed a lot of lives. Families are mourning for their losses. Drivers are facing possible jail time and fines. Both sides are seeking legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii for justice.

General Criminal Law Tips You Should Know

If you find yourself in the middle of a legal situation where you require criminal defense in Hawaii, you shouldn’t panic. Instead, you should take the right steps to free you up from allegations.

Getting Pulled Over: What You Can Do

Do you know what to do if police officers pull you over? You might see police officers pulling some motorists over, checking their documents, and asking questions. The following suggestions are some things you can do if you get pulled over.

Criminal Defense: What Constitutes Self-Defense?

Protecting oneself from harm under the right circumstances, despite leading to what is generally a crime, is a principle accepted universally. That is why a person can claim self-defense as a criminal defense in Hawaii.

What to Know About Involuntary Manslaughter

At times, people may do things that can unintentionally hurt other people. Sometimes, this can even lead to the unintentional death of someone.

Medical Malpractice and What to Do If It Happens

Medical malpractice cases are sought out by patients who have been harmed or injured due to poor medical treatment or mistaken diagnosis from their doctors, nurses, technicians, or other medical providers. While the majority of health care providers do their very best to provide the highest standard of care for their patients, things can still go gravely wrong.

Filing for a Sexual Harassment Case

Sexual harassment comes in different forms. This can come from co-workers, supervisors, customers, or random strangers outside. Acts of sexual harassment range from unwanted touching, inappropriate jokes and comments, or offering you a favor in exchange for sexual favors.

An Understanding of the Miranda Warning

The Miranda Rights Law, or what most people know as the Miranda Warning, is everyone’s right to remain silent when being detained by the police. These rights are read or recited to the person mostly during an arrest and before an interrogation under police custody. Stated in these rights is the person’s right to have a lawyer. This is important to ensure that the person’s rights are upheld throughout the entire legal process.

What an Appeal Is and How It Can Change a Ruling

After a trial court has made a decision, one party may think that the court’s ruling is unjust or wrong. Depending on the type of case, they can ask a higher court to review their case again, and this process is called an appeal. At Myles S. Breiner Attorney at Law – A Law Corporation, appealing for another round of reviewing, hearing, and arguing is not a problem. Our legal service in Honolulu, Hawaii is also equipped with the resources, knowledge, and experience needed to handle the opposing party’s appeal for a new decision.

Tips of What Should Not Do if You’re Ever Arrested

Getting arrested is enough to ruin anyone’s day. No one really plans to get arrested, so the sigh of cop on your doorway holding handcuffs will definitely throw you off. It’s completely normal to feel worried and even a bit of panic, but don’t let your emotions get the better of you. One wrong word can easily put you behind bars.

Tips on What to Do if You’re Accused With Assault

We’re never really taught how to respond to being accused of assault, especially if the allegations are false. It’s only natural to panic, but don’t let those feelings make you look suspicious or worse, guilty.