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Dental Implants - Periodontist

Dr. Kip Saunders specialist in Dental implants the Woodlands and Conroe will treat your dental problem easily. Consult him today at his Woodlands office.

Dental Implants In The Woodlands | Tooth Implant - Perio Center

Dr Kip Saunders, a well-known specialist in Dental implants in the Woodlands and Conroe will treat all your dental problems. If you like to find out more information about the dental implant services, please reach out to him today at his Woodlands office and get all your important implants and therapies done.


Dental implants in the woodlands | Perio Center

Dental implants in the woodlands | Perio Center

Periodontal Center of Excellence provides the following services:


Dental Implants In The Woodlands | Perio Center

Dental Implants In The Woodlands | Perio Center

Contact Dr Kip Saunders for Dental Implants In The Woodlands. Get Natural feeling, lasting implant solutions for single tooth and entire mouth replacement.

When to Consider a Tooth Extraction | PCE

In dentistry, specialists like Dr. Kip Saunders (our periodontist in The Woodlands) do everything possible to help you treat, save, and preserve your natural teeth. From preventative checkups and cleanings to innovative gum disease treatments with lasers, every opportunity is taken to maintain the smile you we’re born with.

Conroe Same Day Smile Rehabilitation | PCE

For someone who has multiple missing teeth or upcoming tooth extractions (The Woodlands), having a plan for your future smile is crucial. Options like same day dental implants and full mouth rehabilitation can help you maintain your diet, enhance your confidence, and improve your appearance!

Common Reasons to Extract a Tooth | PCE

As a dental specialist, Dr. Kip Saunders is focused on helping our patients retain their teeth as long as possible. However, there come times where you may need to have a tooth extraction. The Woodlands families often turn to our specialty clinic for second opinions, surgical extractions, and full mouth reconstruction related to tooth loss.

What Does Bleeding Around Your Dental Implant Mean? | PCE

If you are experiencing bleeding after dental implants, it is critical to have an evaluation by a Periodontist in The Woodlands as soon as possible. Early intervention is key. As a periodontist, not only do I place implants, but I also help save implants.  I often hear:

Is Periodontal Care Medically Necessary? Perio Center

For more information on gum treatments and cosmetic dentistry in The Woodlands and Conroe, call Dr. Kip Saunders today.

How to Get Dental Implants to Last for Life | PCE

Compared to traditional tooth replacement treatments, dental implants offer the longest and most predictable outcome. Even though restorations like dental bridges and dentures are effective, they do have to be replaced at intermittent milestones. Most dental implants do not.

Tooth Loss and “Sunken in” Facial Features | PCE

Our teeth are more than tools we use for eating or a feature we share through smiling. They also support our overall facial features.

Dental Veneers vs. Dental Implants | PCE

Thinking about getting a smile makeover with your cosmetic dentist? In The Woodlands and Conroe, many people turn to our experienced dental implant expert, Dr. Kip Saunders.

The dental issues demonstrate a lot of genuine the second they begin tormenting. Till the time, the rotting tooth which doesn’t cause torment, the patient may not come to think additionally about the soundness of his teeth. When the rot is over the level that one can manage, just a certified and experienced periodontist the Woodlands can help the patient in The Woodlands. The tormenting tooth can be not kidding purpose for some, other medical problems too. The second tooth begins tormenting; one may ponder whom to call and who can be the dental specialist that can support the patient. All things considered, in such a circumstance, the name of the master whom one should visit is the dental implants The Woodlands. Here the patient can meet the master dental specialist who checks the oral wellbeing and status of the general state of the teeth of the patient. The dental specialists here are knowledgeable with their aptitude and experience, and henceforth one can confide in their ability in the field. He can check all the teeth, and gums and as indicated by his discoveries update the patient or his gatekeepers by and large. Here one can discover total treatment bundles that range from preventive to restorative dentistry. One simply needs to meet the master and rest all the things are overseen by them as it were.

Dental Implants Conroe, TX | Dr. Kip Saunders | PCE

Get your dental implants in Conroe TX. Periodontal Center of Excellence is one of the most trusted clinics in Conroe. To book an appointment Call (281) 800-5305.

The 3 Parts Of A Dental Implant

Every time you replace a tooth with a dental implant, there are three parts involved: the implant, the implant abutment, and the fixed restoration. Find it in this blog.

Are Dental implants worth it?

These days it’s nearly impossible to browse the internet, drive down the road, or watch a few hours of TV without seeing an ad for dental implants Conroe. But are implants really cut out to be as amazing as people say they are?