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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 14, 2019
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10 travel tips to remember on your first time in Bangkok – Enjoy Bangkok to the best

Bangkok is one of the most popular tourists' destinations when it comes to people who want to visit Asia for the first time. Here are some tips to make the best of your vacation.


Pack light

You will do so much shopping in Bangkok so remember to pack light and make room for shopping


Check the weather

Being a tropical country the weather tends to remain sunny most months of the year, but it is best to check the weather before you head on your vacation.


Dress comfortably

Bangkok is a fashionable country so you can wear pretty much whatever you would like to. However, when you are travelling you need to wear comfortable clothing as you are going to be in crowded places and you do not want to drag attention.


Good pair of walking shoes

You will be walking quite a lot when you are in Bangkok. There are so many different places to explore and see in one area so you will be walking from one location to another. The roads and the pavements are not the best in condition, so you need to keep in mind to wear a lightweight good pair of shoes which will let you enjoy the trip.


Use public transport

Using public transport is by far the cheapest way to travel. This way you get to experience the life of the locals while saving money on transport. Many a city hotel Bangkok have easy access to most public transport systems.


Keep change money on hand

It is important to keep change money at hand when you are in Bangkok. Most street vendors and street hawkers do not have change for large notes. As such, it is wise to have change money to save time and energy for both parties.


Wear appropriate clothes to temples

Males and females are required to cover their shoulder and be dressed in appropriate wear, however, if you are not dressed accordingly you can purchase or borrow a sarong to wear over your clothing. If you are unsure of your attire being acceptable you can request assistance from the staff at Avani Atrium Bangkok or the hotel you are staying at.


Be mindful of Street Food

Street Food is a must-try in Bangkok as this is one of the must-do activities in Bangkok. However, even though the food is absolutely delightful you need to be mindful when you eat the food. There are many exotic foods sold in Bangkok so if you are not careful you might end up eating pig intestines assuming its seafood.


Prices Vary

There is a massive difference between the prices of the products in one stall and the one in the other corner. These generally happen at outdoor markets. Before you commit to purchasing, look about and find the prices of the other shops and vendors as well.


Bargaining is entertained only at certain places

Even though it is a commonly known fact that you can bargain at most stores in Bangkok you need to keep in mind that this is not encouraged at shops and malls. There are high-end clothing and accessories brands which might not be known to you but famous within the country. So it is important to be mindful when you are bargaining.

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