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Data Privacy Concern

Importance of DATA Privacy in the Digital World

Laws and Regulations about Data Privacy Globally | Houm blog

Due to data privacy laws if a user asks for his data to be forgotten the companies have to do so in EU. Here you will learn about GDPR in EU and regulations across the globe.

Who Values Data Privacy More, Apple or Android? l Houm Blog | Houm blog

No matter if you are an Android or Apple user you must consider data privacy. Know who is your savior and who values your privacy more, Apple or Android OS?

What is the big deal about Data Privacy? | Houm blog

Data privacy has always been important. Learn what data privacy is, why it is important and how to secure your data on cloud.

My Digital Freedom | Houm blog

Digital Freedom is the only way to ownership and security of your personal data. Get to know why Digital Freedom is important for you in this Digital World.

What makes you think Facebook can be Trusted? l Houm Blogs | Houm blog

Do you trust Facebook with your personal data? If yes, here is why we should not trust with your private and personal data.

Do We Have Digital Freedom or Are We Still Slaves? | Houm blog

Are we still Slaves? To achieve freedom in this Digital world and have control over data, know what is ‘Digital Freedom’ and stop being a modern-day slave.

Are you ready for World War III? | Houm blog

When we think of the third World War, only two things come to mind; Water and Data. Here is why data will be a huge reason for World War III.

Challenges of Data Protection in the Era Of Bots | Houm blog

Data Protection and Privacy has become a major concern in the era of bots. Un-authorized and un-ethical brokering practices has seen surge in past decade.

What Can Houm Do For Me? - Your Private Digital Home | Houm blog

With Houm you can create your digital home and not only get absolute data privacy for your digital assests also your digital freedom is possible with Houm.

Data Ownership - The Only Way To Keep Your Data Private | Houm blog

Data Ownership means complete ownership, control & responsibility of your digital data and is the only way for you to ensure the security of your data.

What is Digital Home? Need Of Personal Space On The Internet | Houm blog

Digital Home is your personal space on the Internet where you can store your all the digtial data just like you store memories at your physical home.

Data Security Can Be Achieved When You Own A Part Of The Internet | Houm blog

Generating data every breathing moment, we accumulate so much data on the internet, which we think is secure there. But is it really? So many hackings, breaches & increasing cybercrimes tell us that it's not. And true data security only comes when you can own all your data online. For this, you need to own a part of the internet, where you can securely save all your digital assets.

What is Data Ownership? Who's in Control? | Houm blog

Data Ownership is complete control of your data. Learn about ownership and keep your data safe from being misused by brokers in this era of digitization.