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Headline for Important Travel Tips to Perth - Must-Know Travel Facts Regarding Perth
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Important Travel Tips to Perth - Must-Know Travel Facts Regarding Perth

As one of Western Australia's most popular tourist hubs, Perth welcomes visitors from around the world. Here are some travel tips for first-timers heading to this dynamic city Down Under.


Protection from the Elements

Perth is a relatively warm and humid state compared to Melbourne so sun protection should be taken quite seriously when travelling to Western Australia as a whole. In addition to packing more long-sleeved clothing, travellers should also make sure they carry a wide-brimmed hat and a good pair of sunglasses when heading to Perth. Wearing a sunscreen that has an SPF index of more than 15 is also crucial to avoid sunburn during outdoor activities and excursions in Perth while carrying a bottle of water with you everywhere is also recommended to stay hydrated as well as to reduce the risk of dehydration and heat strokes. The sun is at its most intense between 10 am and 3 pm when UV radiation is also at an all-time high.


Bushfire and Cyclone Safety

Due to the humidity and dry weather conditions prevalent in Western Australian states, the likes of Perth, the risk of bushfires is also high. This will not pose any serious threat to those who are touring the city except the increase in temperatures although tourists should try to avoid visiting Perth between the months from November to April when cyclone season is in full swing. Cyclone updates are often broadcast on local radio channels while the Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia webpage also provides valuable information on dealing with this particular hazard if one happens to be in Perth during this period.


Personal Safety Guidelines

Western Australia is as safe for travellers as any other part of the country although visitors should take certain measures to avoid unsavoury situations and incidents due to careless behaviour. The local visitor information centre will provide specific guidelines in this regard but as a rule of thumb, it is important to avoid travelling alone after dark or dwelling in dark public spaces. Taking care not to reveal one's pin number when withdrawing cash from ATMs is also imperative while keeping cash and other valuables in a secure place when travelling around Perth is equally pertinent.


Beach Rules

Swimming in the surf of a lifeguard patrolled beach is a must for first-time visitors even if they are expert swimmers. The red and yellow flags indicate the safe zones for swimming in the ocean and tourists are advised not to venture beyond these indicators. If one is unsure of the water condition, consulting the nearest lifeguard is the best course of action. Swimming against the current is also dangerous and swimmers should always attempt to go undertow or float with the current instead. Those based at Perth city hotels the likes of Pan Pacific Perth can inquire about the best beaches in the area from their accommodation provider as the conditions of the water are subject to change based on the tides.



Don't forget to purchase passes to visit Perth's many national parks as visitors without passes will not be admitted into the national parks or the marine parks located in Western Australia. There are various passes to cater to the needs of different travellers including the Day Pass and the Holiday Park Pass.