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Five best places to visit in November 2019 in India

Bringing along the winter season, November is a month marked by awaited celebrations. The second-last month of the year paves way for the holiday season, Christmas and the new year. So, if you have the time and money, here are five amazing destinations you can visit in November 2019 in India.

Five diet and lifestyle habits for your good health

With our increasingly packed working schedules, junk diet routines, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and perpetually falling air quality levels, maintaining good mental and physical health can be challenging. However, honestly, the best you can do is stick to the basics and hope for the best.

Five most beautiful lakes in India you should visit

India is a kaleidoscopic country, home to a wide range of alluring mountains, hills, and stunning lakes. However, with the arrival of winters, heading to the hills seems like a far-fetched idea. Hence, it might be time to give our beautiful lakes a try. Here are the top five lakes in India.

Food items to eat before and after your workout sessions

Staying healthy depends a lot upon what and when you choose to eat. And, this becomes extremely crucial before/after you exercise. Know that you need to pair your workout sessions with a healthy diet, to witness the best results. Here are the best food items to eat before and after working out.

Here's why you should eat onions during winters

Save for their pungency, onions have some amazing health benefits to offer. And although, there is never a bad time to consume more onions, they should definitely be taken in plenty during the winters. Here are top six health benefits of consuming onions during the winter season.

Top five offbeat places to visit in India

Traveling is about exploring new places and seeing the unseen, then why should your trips be limited to the same-old hill towns and beaches? Well, if you are ready to tread 'the road not taken', be assured that our travel-versatile country has no dearth of some mesmerizing, offbeat destinations.

Five tips to make your workout routine more effective

Are you spending long hours in the gym but still not getting the desired results? Well, showing up on the treadmill is one thing, and losing weight another. In order to witness effective and long-lasting results, you need to work out harder and smarter. Here are some tips to help you out.

Five interesting facts about parrots you should know

It is no wonder that parrots are one of the world's favorite pets. They are colorful, long-lived, quite intelligent, and highly sociable creatures. There are close to 400 parrot species around the globe, but sadly, many of them have become endangered. Here are five interesting facts about parrots.

Six meaningful gift ideas for New Year 2020

The New Year is just around the corner! Apart from, of course, the partying, it is a great time to relish some beautiful memories of the past twelve months, and raise a toast to fresh beginnings in the coming year. That is why, it's one of the best times for gifting your loved ones. Read on.

8 natural ways to protect your skin in winter

Frosty days and chilly winds are here! The winter is a great time of the year, filled with holidays and endless fun. But it's not that great for your skin health. The cold weather, coupled with low humidity levels may take a toll on your skin, and lead to issues like dryness, chapping, and bleeding.