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8 Ways to Breathe New Life into Dried Flowers

Whether they’re wrapped in paper and secured with a bow or freshly cut from your backyard, flowers are a lovely sight that can add color to your day. You might be worried about what to do once those magnificent blooms start to wilt, however. It’s common to simply toss them in the trash, but if you’re hesitant to do the same, you can let the flowers dry out and reuse them for a variety of interesting crafts instead. Here are 8 ways you can breathe new life into dried flowers.


Decorate a Wrapped Gift

Need a unique yet simple way to prepare a present? Tuck a sprig of dried flowers under a satin ribbon or a hemp string. This can turn a gift in plain white wrapping paper into a minimalist vintage work of art. Tiny blooms which often serve as “fillers” in bouquets, such as statice, stock, and baby’s breath, are perfect for this purpose.


Put Together Some Potpourri

With some homemade potpourri, you can send a creative thank you gift to whoever gave you the flowers in the first place. Marigolds add a vibrant red or yellow-orange color, chamomile gives off a calming fragrance, while roses and lavenders add both a pop of color and a lovely scent. You can also spritz the petals with your favorite essential oil for a personalized mix.


Create a Feature Wall

It can be difficult to throw away the flowers that served as highlights in a bouquet, such as lilies, peonies, or carnations. You can try hanging them upside down from strings to decorate a plain, light-colored wall. Attach some command hooks to the ceiling so that you don’t damage the wall itself. This also makes a wonderful photobooth backdrop for garden debuts or intimate weddings.


Bring Fragrance into Bedroom Drawers

Does your bedroom drawer have a faint, strange smell? A few dried roses can prove useful here. Simply scatter the petals around the inside of the drawer. Note that the petals might stain if they’re ground into your clothes, so if you’re worried about this, you can place the petals in an unoccupied corner of the drawer.


Mix a Batch of Unique Bath Salts

Yes, you can give yourself and your loved ones a bit of spa treatment with the help of your dried bouquet. Just combine 1 cup epsom salt, 1 cup sea salt, 1/2 cup baking soda, 20 drops of essential oil, and as many flower petals as you see fit. Use this as a soothing bath salt or a fragrant body scrub.


Whip Up a Few Bottles of Homemade Room Spray

If you need to freshen up your rooms or prepare a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one, you can simply make some room spray at home.

  • Fill an empty spray bottle until it is three-fourths full.
  • Add 25 to 30 drops of an essential oil of your choice.
  • Pour in 10 mL of vodka or gin for every 6 mL of water. Cap the bottle and shake it a bit.
  • Trim a sprig of dried flowers and then gently push it into the bottle with the branches pointing up, using tweezers if necessary. Put the cap back on and you’re done!

Sip on Floral Tea

A dried bouquet of chamomile flowers can make enough tea for a couple of quaint afternoons with loved ones. Simply place a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers in a tea ball or infuser and let it steep for 5-7 minutes in hot water. If you have roses or lavenders on hand instead, you can substitute the chamomile flowers with two teaspoons of dried roses or one tablespoon of dried lavender.


Prepare Eco-Friendly Confetti

Still have dried flower petals left over at this point? Place them all in baskets or paper cones and put them aside. At your next party, bring out the containers and shower your guests with handfuls of floral confetti!

Keep this list around in case you take home another bouquet of colorful blooms. With these 8 ideas, you can make the most of your flowers even when they’ve passed their prime.

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