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Rocscience Inc.

Rocscience is an industry-leading developer of geotechnical software. We specialize in 2D and 3D modeling and analysis of rock and soil, and our programs are used widely across civil and mining applications to help improve safety and reduce costs when analyzing surface and underground rock structures.

Geotechnical Software

Easy to use, reliable 2D and 3D geotechnical software designed for civil engineering and mining.

The Underlying Fact of Geotechnical Tools & Equipment

Rocscience is a renowned brand that has helped with the designing and the development of both 2D, 3D software related to civil mining and to help geoengineers easy-to-use software. Visit the website for a detailed analysis.

Use Geotechnical Software to Get a Virtual Picture of the Work

Technology has made our life easy, and geotechnical software is an example of it. It was challenging to deal with different geotechnical issues, which result in trial and error. But today with the help of software, it is quite easy to work with foundations, slope stability, evacuation design and much more. The software is developed with a complete automated model generation package, which will help to show virtual reality in 2D and 3D.

2D Finite Element — Looking into the Real Time Analysis in MATLAB

Finite element analysis delves into the finite element method (FEM) used for interpretation of positions and dimensions in the digital spectrum. 2D Finite Element has been adopted and in use ever since the coming of computers in the year 1950. This system of real time analysis is basically the outcome of matrix methods as well as the finite differential methods of analysis. This type of real time analysis is used for a better and more realistic way towards analysis of particles of small size.

Geotechnical technicians and engineers primarily use Geotechnical Tools. They would gather or study the data about various forms and structures of different materials of Earth. It would be essential in the designing and construction of the building, earthworks design, foundations, and construction of oil rigs. The most common devices would be geotechnical drilling, software construction, equipment tracking, database, and angle.

Brief Description of the Problem Solving Aspect of 2D Finite Element -- Rocscience Inc. | PRLog

The Finite Element Method (FEM) has been widely used for solving engineering problems and mathematical models.

Before commencing a career in any field, you need to know everything about the skills, knowledge, education and career scope of this field. The same is followed in the case of geotechnical engineering.

An Overview Abbot the Geotechnical Training and Career After the Training

Today, there are lots of courses that will help you to study based on your passion. Geotechnical training is one of the studies that deal with the study of social and rock combined with some investigative problem-solving approaches. Getting trained as a geotechnical professional will include supporting design and construction by carrying out some testing and analysis to assess the risk to both humans and the environment.

With the Help of Rocscience’s 2D Finite Element, Create Projects Easily

RS2 is formerly known as RS2 or Phase2 and is a kind of very powerful 2D finite element program for soil and also rock applications.