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Eight Things to Do in Maldives – Island Hopping Adventures

It is sun, fun and relaxation galore in the archipelago of Maldives almost throughout the year. You can hardly ever go wrong, but here is a list of what you just cannot afford to miss.


Ride the Surf Waves

Dozens of great surfing spots dot each island, mostly along the eastern ends of the country. The waves suit beginners through to absolute pros. Surfing does not go out of fashion here, except in the months of December and January when the waves become too choppy for any safe activities.


Dive and Snorkel

It surely must be every ocean enthusiast’s dream to go diving in Maldives, where the sun glistens above shimmering blue waters and shoals of fish frisk about under the sheath in joy. The experience is as beautiful and tranquil as the pictures you would have seen of the Maldives and there are plenty of places that rent snorkeling gear if you do need them while on holiday.


Observe the Birth of Islands

Tiny stashes of pure white soft sand keep appearing and disappearing due to the variations in the tides. If you pull up close to one of these areas on a high tide day, you will be able to watch these islets comprising sand and sand only disappear under the veil of the Indian Ocean. Similarly, if you were to call over on a low tide day, you would be able to watch as the islet emerges from under the water.


Go Fishing

Everyone who has visited Maldives must have told you about the Fish Market in the city. Just to the west of Malè is Kuramathi Maldives from where you can enjoy a spot of personal fishing. You can choose to go with a group or pay for a boat owner to take you out far enough such that you can throw in the end of your rod and snooze under your hat in the afternoon.


Eat Maldivian Food

Needless to say, the Maldivians eat large quantities of fish and seafood; if you like either of those, you hit the jackpot when you land in this country. Their food has a unique flavour brought out by coconut milk, herbs and spices.


Watch the Sea and the Sky Glow

Both these activities are best done at night; but they glow for two completely different reasons. The former gets its light bulb effects from glowing plankton that float in the water, while the latter is lit up by the stars that shine brightly in the clear dark blue skies.


Visit Both Dolphins and Whales

Animal lovers need not choose between the magnificent double of the seas; if you happen to be in Maldives, you could easily plan to visit both whales and dolphins via a cruise. Express your interest in both creatures and let your hotel or guide arrange for you to take a boat ride to see both on a clear day.


Kayak Away

If you have forgotten what it feels like to stretch, here is how you can start. Kayaking is super fun and also good exercise when done fairly briskly. Row away either close to sunset or just as the sun rises to catch some breath-taking views and enjoy the warmth.