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Headline for Reason to plan your honeymoon to Bali – A lively getaway to spruce up your honeymoon
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Reason to plan your honeymoon to Bali – A lively getaway to spruce up your honeymoon

The cultural presence in Bali is a tonic for anyone weary of their everyday life short of excitement. Its vivacity is just what one needs on a honeymoon, and here’s a list of convincing elements.


The splendid cuisine

Food is always a tempting factor, and Bali is filled with eateries offering the delectable local cuisine. In addition to Balinese food, you can also enjoy various types of other cuisines. If you are at a hotel Seminyak Bali – for example, the likes of Katamama – you’ll be treated to yummy treats of local and international cuisines.



Bali’s popularity is partly down to its offer of relentless shopping. The town is brimming with markets offering arrays of merchandise. While you can buy almost anything here, Bali markets are best known for handicrafts and souvenirs.


The hospitable nature of people

Bali people are extremely affable and down to earth. They would make you feel at home in an instance. From the people employed at your hotel to the random passerby, they offer nothing but welcoming gestures. If you are lost, you can ask a friendly local for help; if you are trying to find the best restaurant where you can dine, a local will guide you through. Balinese people are extremely friendly, courteous and polite, which would undoubtedly make your trip even better.


Amazing beaches

Bali is also home to some of the best beaches you can find in Asia. There may be a few beaches littered with garbage, but apart from that, in general, Bali beaches are considered to be tranquil. Some of the charming beaches you can find are in Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Uluwatu. You can also ask a local where you might find beaches as some aren’t advertised in guides – these less advertised spots could turn out to be the best.



Religious places are the main attraction of Bali. The religion is embedded in the very core of Balinese culture – you’ll come to know this during your tour. Temples are brimming with people every day. With the addition of the tourist into the bargain, you can also find some of the best eateries in the vicinity of temples. The architecture expertise and quirkiness of these places are the main draws for tourists.



List of attractions Bali offers seems endless. In addition to temples and beaches, Bali also boasts ubiquitous wildlife. The entirety of the town is a natural habitat for wildlife species, and most resorts and hotels seem to be turning this to their advantage – you shouldn’t be surprised to find a monkey or a lizard lurking about at your hotel premises.


The mountains

What more could Bali possibly offer its visitors? Mountains! There are plenty of mountains scattered throughout the town. This also makes hiking a leisure time activity in Bali. If you’ve had your fill of beach air, go for a hike and fill your lungs with fresh mountain air – if you start your hike early in the day, you’ll be witness to the morning sky tinted orange with the rising sun; in the evenings, the setting sun makes the mountainous landscape an enchanting spectacle.

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