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5 Interesting facts about Mammals

Mammals are vertebrate animals. The females possess mammary glands which produce milk for the young. Mammals also have fur or hair as well as three middle ear bones. The article below provides some information that will help you to gain a better understanding about mammals.


There are over 5,000 species of mammals in the world

In our beautiful planet around 5,500 species of mammals. Of course this number is a rough one as there are plenty of species which are yet to be discovered in the world. Some species of mammals are also on the verge of extinction. But overall, the count has been estimated to be around 5,500. Although one might think this is quite a high number, it really is quite small in comparison to the 5 million species of insects in the world!

Sri Lanka is a small country which boasts of an impressive population of mammals. A large number of species found in this small island are native to the country too. Of course, steps have to be taken to ensure that mammals of Sri Lanka as well as of the world conserved and protected. There are lots of projects and initiatives taken by many countries to help protect mammal populations. Sri Lanka elephant conservation projects are fine examples of these laudable efforts and projects.


Mammals nurture their young with milk

This is one of the better known facts about mammals. As it was mentioned earlier, the females have mammary glands which produce milk. This milk is what nurtures the young during the tender years. However, not all mammals have nipples. Some species, like the platypus have mammary patches which also produce milk.


Mammals are warm blooded

All mammals are warm blooded and that is the reason why they have hair or fur in their bodies. The hair that grows on the skin of the mammals help to keep the internal body heat controlled. Unlike cold blooded animals, mammals cannot warm up or cool down in response to the temperature of the environment.


Mammals are sociable animals

Mammals have large brains which makes it easier for them to process information. This gives them the opportunity to become more sociable. It is quite common to see many species of mammals displaying sociable behaviour patterns. For instance, wildebeests move in large herds while wolves hunt in packs.


Mammals tend to their young in a remarkable manner

Mammals are known to provide exceptional care for their young. This is because mammal babies need a lot of parental care too. Human babies especially need a lot of love and care for long years until they can thrive on their own. But some species like horses and giraffes can even start walking immediately after they are born. So this can actually vary with the species. But on a general note, it can be said that mammals are hard wired to care well for their young.