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Top Ten Tech Tools

List of Technology that I learned about in EDU 228. These are the top ten that I will utilize in my classroom.

ABCya! • Educational Computer Games and Apps for Kids is a site that gives instructive games and exercises to class matured kids. The games on the site are sorted out into grade levels from pre-kindergarten to 6th grade, just as into subject classes, for example, letters, numbers, and occasions.


BrainPOP is an educational website with videos and quizzes for students to take on different subjects including Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology. I would have my students use BrainPOP on subjects that they are struggling on because it helps them see it in an interactive way.


Class Dojo is an interactive class resource that helps engage the students, parents, and teacher on one platform.In my future classroom I would use Class Dojo for the attendance and also the behavioral control aspect.

ClassVR – Virtual Reality for the Classroom

Virtual reality is a technology than can be used to create a virtual, stimulated environment, you get placed into the environment and this way you can experience something on a more real level. ClassVR is a groundbreaking new technology designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages.

Flipgrid | Empower Every Voice

Flip Grid is an amazing online tool that helps students interact in the classroom setting through videos. The teacher will post a discussion and then students record their response and they're able to upload it. I would use this in my future classroom to have my students come out of their shell. I think I would use it at the beginning of the school year so that students can feel comfortable with themselves and their classmates. It would be a very interesting ice breaker to use..

Home - GoNoodle

GoNoodle® draws in 14 million children consistently with development and care recordings made by youngster improvement specialists. Accessible for nothing at school, home, and wherever kids are! I will use gonoodle in my classroom for engagement.

Kahoot! | Learning Games | Make Learning Awesome!

Kahoot is interactive tool to engage students in test/reviews for subjects that the teacher would like to get an idea of where their class is at. I would use it to introduce new topics, review, and get students engaged.

Khan Academy | Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

With Khan Academy you can master anything. It uses professionally made substance and assets for each course and level.Khan Academy is continuously free. I will use Khan Academy in my future classroom to assist students that struggle with certain subjects. Khan Academy offers tutors as well as other resources for students.


Nearpod is a student engagement tool where teachers have the power to share power points, lessons,etc. Teachers can control the students device and also see things in students view. I would use nearpod in a classroom where I know that students might be easily distracted or try to go on websites other than what we're using. Since I can control the screen it would be beneficial for students who might not be able to follow along on their own.




Remind is a unique email device that teachers use to communicate with students and parents. It helps remind students about upcoming assignments and important classroom updates. Teachers are able to send messages to students when they aren't in school. I will use remind to send my students updates and remind them about upcoming assignments. I will also use it to keep in touch with parents of students that might be struggling. It is a very helpful tool for communication in the classroom.