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Hard Money Loans

Private Mortgage Financing Partners, LLC provide short term private mortgage financing (hard money loans) secured by investment and commercial real estate. We provide these loans to be used for the acquisition, refinance, rehabilitation and equity cash out of investment and commercial properties.


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PMF is a leading private lender in Magnolia,Texas, provides hard money loans, direct financing, commercial mortgage, bridge loans in Magnolia,Texas. for direct financing call us today :(936) 588-8501




At Hard Money Loans Texas where our name started with one city in California, now offers Bridge and Hard Money Loans across the State of Texas. We have enjoyed a continued proven track record and lots of happy and satisfied customers. We are committed to making the loan process super easy and fast. We are happy to assist you in securing a non-owner occupied Hard Money Loans for any type of property, be it a multi-family, a single-family, or a commercial property anywhere in Texas. We are direct investors, so you do not need to worry about a 3rd party investor making your loan process complicated. We enjoy fast and quick closings on a regular basis.


Residential Hard Money Loans

Most hard money lenders have a specific niche when it comes to hard money loans, and the most common is residential. This can be a single-family dwelling or a multi-family property. Most residential hard money lenders fund in the first lien so that if the borrower defaults on the loan they are the first in a line of creditors to be handed remuneration. In some instances a lender will kneel before a mezzanine loan–an initial junior lien to define the first position of the loan.

Your hard money lender will take the quick-sale value of the property and structure the loan based on its percentage. This is called an LTV ratio or “loan to value” that rests between 60 and 80 percent of the property’s market value or “today’s purchase price”. This is a reasonable sum the lender could garner in the event the home defaults and must be sold within one to four months.


Hard money loans make the real estate investor’s offer stronger

An offer from a real estate investor with a hard money loan as financing is seen as strong. This is especially helpful in situations where a property has multiple offers from buyers with conventional bank loans. The hard money loan offer stands out.

Anyone who has been involved in real estate long enough will hear about a bank pulling financing from the buyer during escrow, putting the deal in jeopardy or killing it altogether. Hard money lenders are not known to pull funding for arbitrary reasons and thus can be a more reliable source for financing than conventional lenders.

Private Mortgage Financing Partners, LLC is a true direct lender. We are not a broker or intermediary. Loans are made by Private Mortgage Investments, LLC.


Hard Money Loans On Raw Loan?

All experienced mortgage brokers know that the second hardest loans to place are loans secured by raw land. ( Church loans are the hardest!). Few lenders want to lend on a property with no cash flow; fear having to liquidate a property with a long term sales frame, and have no desire to go through a long foreclosure process if the borrower defaults.

In response, we have developed a program providing liquidity for the landholder. We determine the amount we would be comfortable lending (typically less than 40% of value) and purchase the property at this price. We provide the borrower with an option to buy the property back within 12-24 months, at prices increasing by an amount equal to our desired rate of return (interest), commensurate with our perceived risk.

The borrower also pays an origination fee (points), which covers the brokers' commission as well as our fees.

If the borrower truly has a viable exit strategy, this setup should be no problem for him. If he has no way to repay the loan and is just trying to get cash, then he won’t go for it and we have avoided a foreclosure situation. In any case, the borrower isn’t burdened with monthly interest payments on a property with no cash flow. We have completed two of these this year.


Where to Find a Private Hard Money Lender?

Over the past few years, the number of private hard money lenders has jumped. According to the American Association of Private Lenders, there are now almost 40% more since 2016. So, it’s easy to find one, but make sure you go for a private money lender with a good reputation. You can find a host of both large and small private hard money lenders online. Don’t ignore local ones, but do try and get some referrals.

Private hard money lenders used to be viewed quite cautiously, but times evolve. In a business environment, working capital is required and often a traditional loan process won’t let you access the money in time. It can be beneficial to build a relationship with a private hard money lender to finance deals and grow your business.

Private Mortgage Lenders Magnolia,Texas . Private lenders Texas

Private Mortgage Lenders Magnolia,Texas . Private lenders in Texas.Contact us today to get your hard money loans.


How Does Quick Loan Approval Work?

Private money lenders can offer you more flexibility in terms than traditional lending institutions. However, in the majority of cases, the length of the loan will be much shorter than normal loans or mortgages. Usually, the terms are around 2 – 5 years maximum, and their interest will be higher. However, they won’t have to refer to a list of stringent conditions or board members who are imposing regulations, and not having to do this speeds up the process.

It is pretty simple to apply for a private hard money loan. First, you will need to present them with your financial data – if that is for your business that you are taking the loan against, or if it is your own personal net worth.

You also have to offer collateral. This is one of the big differences between a traditional loan and a hard money loan. In this case, the collateral is usually the property or asset that you are actually using the loan to acquire. In business, it could be against your premises as you hope to extend or pour money into a new product.

If it’s to flip a property, which many hard money loans are for, then you need to provide information on the property, the area and the potential for profit. You still have to do your homework, they just won’t spend as long scrutinizing it as a bank would. Many private hard money lenders now let you apply online, and some promise approval in up to 36 hours.




When you need money quickly for your business, navigating your way through the mountains of paperwork can be hard. What a traditional lender demands can make a quick loan approval deal untenable.

In this instance, more often than not, your best option is a private hard money lender. You can attempt to go the traditional route, but if your application has been rejected then you should consider a private hard money lender.


Should I Get a Hard Money Loan?

Should I Get a Hard Money Loan?

Hard Money Loans (also known as a rehab loan or bridge loan) is the term used for loans funded by private parties who want a safe and high return. We work as a broker who through the years established relationships with these private investors who like to invest. We work directly with real estate investors/rehabbers who use these funds to purchase or fix properties and sell them for a profit in a very short period of time.

Real estate investors use hard money when they are unable to or do not have time to obtain financing from more conventional sources.

Private Mortgage Financing, LLC offer investors the opportunity of investing their money in high yield, short term individual mortgage notes (trust deeds). These notes are secured by first liens on commercial and investment real estate. Yields are 11 - 12%. Loan to Value is below 65%. All have appraisals, title insurance and surveys. In all our offerings

Hard Money Loans | Hard Money Lenders | Private Lender

PMF is a leading private lender in Magnolia,Texas, provides hard money loans, direct financing, commercial mortgage, bridge loans in Magnolia,Texas. for direct financing call us today :(936) 588-8501




Unfortunately, not everyone on this earth is qualified to receive a loan from the bank. A history of bad credit, no credit and high debt in your portfolio can really stack the cards against you, lowering your chance of being approved by most financial institutions. So what should a person do if they can’t receive money in the “typical” way? Those that often have a hard time borrowing money often turn to private lenders which are also referred to as hard money loans.
So what exactly are the benefits of private lending? Glad you asked. Read on to learn the benefits of private lending and hard money loans.



What if your products are selling more, you’re creating new ones, and you need more storage space? For organization and better workflow, you know you need a larger office or warehouse. But what if you need new property immediately? Or you can’t afford a bigger space? This is a great opportunity to contact commercial hard money lenders. Regardless of your situation, you’re able to get the money needed for a bigger property.



October 2, at 3:09 pm, we received an email from a mortgage broker asking if we could close and fund a loan in two days. The property securing the loan would be an apartment complex in Galveston, Texas, owned free and clear. The cash out would be used for the down payment on the new acquisition, which needed to be closed by Friday, October 4 at 5:00 pm, or the borrower/buyer would lose a $50,000 earnest money deposit and the opportunity to purchase the property. Their previous “lender”, who was actually a broker who claimed to be a direct lender, finally admitted his inability to perform.

Since an acceptable appraisal had already been performed, the title had been opened and was clean, we were able to close AND fund the loan by 11:00 am on Friday, Oct 4, less than 44 hours from when we were first contacted!



There are many types of hard money loans. We Do Hard Money Loans specializes in purchase money first trust deeds to investors who purchase homes at a substantial discount. We Do Hard Money Loans will do loans on units. Construction loans will be considered based on the individual deal and existing market conditions. We Do Hard Money Loans does not do owner occupied or commercial loans.

We Do Hard Money Loans now has five different loan programs to help investors in a multitude of projects ranging from your standard flips to construction loans.

Costs and fees will vary depending on the program. Entities (Corporations, partnerships, LLCs, etc.) are accepted as are self-directed IRA accounts.

Explore the programs to find which best fits your criteria and investor model and the terms for each

When you need money quickly for your business, navigating your way through the mountains of paperwork can be hard. What a traditional lender demands can make a quick loan approval deal untenable.