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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 11, 2019
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5 Things to do Before You Start Your Painting - How to Start Your Next Masterpiece

Even if you are an experienced artist or an apprehensive beginner, the article below which details the things you have to do before you start painting will be of use to you.


Decide what to paint

Needless to say, you have to start your painting journey with the decision of what you really want to paint. It has to be something that you are fond of. This will help you to keep on at it even when the activity gets a tad boring! You should also try to select an object or scenery which will look good on the canvas. This way you will be able to make your painting look more beautiful. You will be motivated to work harder at it if the end result seems to be attractive. So be sure to pick an object that truly inspires the artist in you.


Find inspiration in other artists' work

You really don't have to copy the other artists, but finding inspiration in their works will never be a bad idea. So try as much as you can to find some great art galleries and have a look at some of the beautiful works of art displayed. You will be able to enjoy your stroll for sure as you discover beautiful works of art. If you are travelling in Sri Lanka, you can consider visiting the Sri Lankan Art Gallery located in the city of Colombo. In Sri Lanka, paintings are truly beautiful and have a touch of history and culture that will inspire the artist within you for sure!


Capture photos of the object or scenery

If you don't intend to paint from life, you should try to take as many photos of the object or scenery as possible. Your intention should be to capture the object from various angles so it will be easier for you to draw it. Don't attempt to take photos that are perfect from a photographic sense. You should try to capture shots that will help you to create your masterpiece. So, capture as many photos as you can and don't worry about their photographic beauty.


Get your supplies

Before you start drawing you must ensure that all your supplies are ready. Painting is therapeutic so you should really enjoy the process of drawing. If you have to get up constantly to find your supplies you will not be able to draw in peace. You will find it quite hard to create a masterpiece if you are always getting up to find the brushes that you need or the paint that you need. So first make sure every single item that you need for the painting is with you. Clean your brushes and check on your paint supplies to ensure all the colours that you need are with you. After that you can start painting.


Don't procrastinate

When you have a passion in you to draw something, you should ideally set to work immediately. Always remember, there will never be a perfect moment to start doing things so stop waiting for it.
We hope the tips above will help you to create a masterpiece in style!

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