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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 11, 2019
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List of Arabic Dishes to Try in Qatar - The top 7!

Middle Eastern cuisine is one of the most nutritious and healthiest in the world. But that does not in any way mean they lack flavour! The dishes are absolutely exquisite, and here are some of the dishes you shouldn't miss out on when in Qatar.



The Kabsa rice is often known as the Machboos. This is a national dish in some Arab countries which constitutes of rice, vegetables and meat. It's cooked to perfection, and the flavours are on point! You must try authentic dishes in some of the best restaurants in Doha for a good experience. You can check out properties like Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels by Tivoli, for buffet styled dining.



For a good old Arabic pastry, the Fatayer is the one to opt for. These are like tiny meat pies that have delicious fillings comprising of spinach or types of cheese like feta. It holds an important place in the Arab food culture and is consumed in many countries including Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and some other countries in the Arab peninsula.



When you mention Arabic food, the first thing that comes to mind is the shawarma. These are favourites among both locals and the tourists. The word 'shawarma' comes from a Turkish word which means turning as the meat used for this dish is chopped off from a rotating spit, where a chunk of meat is usually placed. The Shawarma is a wrap of meat, vegetable and herbs!



Arabic dishes aren't all about the meat, which is a common misconception. Vegetarians will love the Tabbouleh dish which is basically a salad. It is made by incorporating juicy tomatoes, fresh parsley, onions, mint and so on. The salad is then seasoned with some lemon juice, olive oil and a dash of salt! And you will be quite surprised, how a salad comprises of such flavours.



Alright, back to the meat. How about some lamb this vacation? If so, the Ghuzi is the ultimate lamb dish that comprises of a whole roasted lamb which is served with a thick rice bed, nuts and vegetables. This sure is one extravagant dish boasting of all sorts of flavours.



The Harees sometimes referred to as the Harissa, is another Arabic delight serving cracked, ground or boiled ground wheat which is mixed with some delicious meat. The consistency of the dish is somewhere in between a dumpling and a porridge. This is a nutritious dish that is very popular among the Persians. Most Arab countries serve it as a dish to break their fast with during Ramadan, the month of fasting.