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Top 6 dishes in Myanmar - A journey down the tasty lane

This up and coming tourism destination has a lot of great food for you to try on your holiday there. Here is the best of the lot!


Tea Leaf salad

This is one of the most popular Myanmar dishes to be found in the area. Made with sour and bitter leaves that are mixed by hand along with cabbage, peas and nuts, this can be used as an appetizer, as a snack or even mixed and eaten with a plate of steamed rice. If you want to be at an accommodation that lets you try all the unique dishes that belong to the cuisine of Myanmar you should keep an eye out for the Yangon hotel deals and book yourself a stay at properties like Sedona Hotel Yangon. Thus it is quite an acquired taste and not many will like it but you should definitely try it while you are in the country.


Shan style rice

Locally known simply as fish and rice this dish is a typical lunch meal in Myanmar. Turmeric infused rice that is mixed with fish and garlic oil, this dish is also served as a snack with a few other accompaniments on the side. You can try this dish at any one of the local restaurants found in the area.



Simply known as curry, this is similar to the dishes you find in other parts of South Asia like India and Sri Lanka. This is a delicious dish that is made with beef, fish, pork or mutton. This dish usually comes with a tasty salad, rice, and vegetables that are likely fried. A complete meal of the curry will also include a bowl of soup on the side.


Tea shop meal

Just like the name suggests, this is not a meal in itself but is more of a snack you might have at a tea shop along with a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee. These meals are usually sweets or buns with meat fillings. In most tea shops, these meals are known as snacks and savoury items that you can have during the evenings.


Snacks of Myanmar

Unlike the sweets found in the other parts of Asia and South East Asia, the ones found in Myanmar are not full of sugar. The flavour of sweetness in the snacks comes from ingredients like coconut milk, rice flour, sticky rice, fruit, tapioca, and grated coconut. This unique blend of ingredients will give you an almost sweet but not too overwhelmingly sweet taste in the snacks.


Shan style noodles

This is a popular dish in Myanmar that is made with noodles that are made from rice flour. These noodles are soaked in a spicy and clear soap that is marinated with chicken. This favourite dish is served with a side of vegetables that are pickled to perfection. This might not sound so special, but you must try it out while you are in the country, because it is loved by the natives and the travellers. You can also learn how to make the simple dish and recreate your holiday back in your home kitchen.

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