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Updated by amelia-grantny on Nov 11, 2019
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4 Tips on How to Prepare for a Successful Car Sale

If you are going to sell your car, you certainly don’t want this process to drag on for a long period of time. And you most likely don’t want to sell your car for an amount much less than planned. If you try to sell your car for the first time, you may need a few guiding advice to achieve your goal. We have gathered four tips on how to prepare for a successful car sale.


Study the market

Study the market

If you want to know whether it would be easy to sell your car for cash, you need to know a few simple facts:

  • Family sedans don’t attract the attention of many, but they are in constant demand among people who need simple and economical transportation.
  • Convertibles and sports cars are quite seasonal products. People are more prone to buy such a can in sunny weather and it’s actually hard to sell it in winter.
  • Trucks and vans are sold regularly and have competitive prices.

Check online ads to find out how many other sellers are offering your vehicle type. Many websites allow you to search with particular criteria. You can select the year and equipment level of your car and see how many similar cars are selling now. Consider their condition, mileage, and selling price to form a price for your car.


Choose a competitive price

There are some rules of pricing but there are always some exceptions. A little psychological trick is to leave a little room in your pricing. This means that you can ask for a bit more money than you really wanted. For example, you want to get $11,000 for the car. Price it at $12,000 and you will see that the buyer’s offer will be near your wanted price. It’s a double profit, the buyer will get a big discount and you will get the wanted amount.

Some used-car dealers price their cars like $13,995. Of course, we know that the actual price is $14,000 but we will more likely notice this offer first. You may try the same method of pricing ar you may set your price at a round figure in order not to look like a car dealer.


Tidy up your car

The first look on your car can make up the buyer’s mind to buy or not to buy it. If you want to make a positive impression, you should tidy up your car. Make sure that it looks clean, serviceable and attractive. In this case, tacking your car to the wash wouldn’t be enough. Follow these tips to make your car look much better:

  • Vacuum and wash the car thoroughly
  • Examine your car for dents, scrapes, and mechanical malfunctions
  • If possible, eliminate minor flaws
  • Clean all the windows and mirrors
  • Throw away all the trash and empty the ashtray
  • If the car needs oil or fluids change, do it before start selling

Advertise your car

A few decades ado people advertised their cars in expensive newspapers. Now you are able to declare a car sale on-line. It is quite convenient and this method has a wide geographical reach. There are a lot of ways to advertise your car, the most popular of them are:

  • Social media. You can make a post on Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know that you are selling the car. You can also ask them to repost the ad.
  • Message boards. A lot of car forums have sections in which you can advertise your car.
  • People. Notify your relatives, friends, and co-workers that you are selling a car.
  • A sign on the car. Installing the "For Sale" sign on the car is still can attract attention.


One more important point. If you filed an ad, be ready to take texts and phone calls from potential buyers. Try to answer as soon as possible and be polite. Making a good first impression is important for the customer’s decision to see the car in person.