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MY ANGEL Home Care

Our mission at My Angel Home Care is to provide dependable and exceptional care to our clients, ensuring high-quality and specialized services.

Precautions You and Your Caregiver Should Understand

The safety of our seniors is our top priority. Our elders have higher risks of falling, and that presents them to many hazards. For in-home care in Texas, having a reliable attendant is a relief.

Caregiving Tips: Preventing Elderly Falls

Caregiving is a tough job. It requires an amount of patience, understanding, and, most importantly, skill. Many seniors experience falls due to a lack of safety precautions and assistance. That is why, we at MY ANGEL Home Care, a provider of home care service in Katy, Texas, have come up with tips to prevent falls in elderly people.

Qualities of Stroke Care Provider You Can Count On

After suffering from a stroke, you should consider getting a personal care service at home to help with recovery. A stroke is an event that takes a lot of treatment, although full recovery is yet unsure. Many may recover but will face disabilities, such as loss of speech, difficulty in movement, or face paralysis. Some may develop cognitive impairments, too. And these damages may last a lifetime.

The Participation of Grandchildren in Elderly Care

Our grandparents are the most excited when we were born. We are their pride and joy, their sources of strength. Can you imagine the delight in their eyes the moment they see us?

Stroke: Tips for Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

Stroke affects a lot of people, leaving them temporarily or even permanently paralyzed. As a result, stroke patients often end up spending a lot of time at home to recover. Many families take advantage of home care service in Katy, Texas to help them with duties at home.

How COVID-19 is affecting the Elderly and how we can protect them during this crisis?

The COVID-19 virus has taken over the world, with more than 150 countries being affected. One thing to note about this virus is that it attacks people of all ages, yet the elderly tend to be the ones who are the most affected by it. And that makes us worried, because we all want to protect our parents and older people in the community.

Making Your Home Life with a Dementia Patient Safer

Creating a place for your elderly loved one that is conducive to their dementia management is essential. It ensures that they are safe, taken care of, assisted, and supported. It also reduces the stress that you and your loved one will unavoidably encounter as the condition progresses.

Home Care and Home Health Care: Are They the Same?

With the comfort and safety of one’s very own abode, there’s no doubt why home is the best place for patients to recover in. Fortunately, home care and home health care enable patients to do so. Of all the innovations and trends in the healthcare industry, these two are definitely among the most beneficial for patients and seniors. In-home care in Texas and other local areas has made the lives of homebound patients and their families a lot easier.

Senior Safety 101: Fall Prevention

Due to their limited mobility and frail conditions, seniors are usually left at home. Home is the most ideal and safest place for them. Unfortunately, accidents could still happen even in the comfort of home, especially when they are left on their own.