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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 11, 2019
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Top 5 Most Popular Street Food in Hong Kong - For the foodies!

Hong Kong is a destination that is known as a shopping Mecca in Asia but there is another side to it too, one that involves its local cuisine. Here is a list of the must-try street foods when in Hong Kong.


Cart Noodle

We all know that the Asian cuisines are proud of its noodle dishes. So, when in Hong Kong, you need to try the Cart Noodle. This is a form of à la carte dish. The cart selling this type of dishes usually have many pockets or cells with different kinds of ingredients which make up the soup, noodles and also the toppings. The toppings can comprise of any number of items including Curdled Pig's blood, Pig intestine, Red Chinese sausage, Chicken wing, Omasum, Fish slice, Siu mai, Pig skin, Pig oviduct, Beef ball, Wonton, Spam, Cuttlefish ball, Pork ball, Crab stick, and so on. For noodles, you can choose among Ho fan, Thin noodles and Thick noodles.


Egg Waffle

The egg waffle is another beloved street food that will make your mouth water. The flavours are on point! This is a special dish that is ranked among the most popular street food snacks here in Hong Kong. You can even try these at a popular restaurant in Wanchai. The dish is quite simple and is easily prepared with eggs, flour, evaporated milk and sugar. Once it's baked, the waffles are golden having a hint of a cake flavour. Some places actually add other ingredients like sesame, coconut and chocolate, enhancing the flavours up a notch.


Restaurant in Wanchai

So, what is this dish? Well, it's an incredible dessert, is what it is. The dish is prepared with pomelo, mangoes, coconut milk, sago, sugar and cream. The dish serves many purposes, as a dessert, cake flavourings, ice pops, moon cake, ice cream and so on. This dish was created by the Hong Kong Lee Yuan Restaurant in the year 1984. With its widely gained popularity, now you can find it even as a street food dish! Besides, if you're looking for accommodation close to major street food areas, you can check out properties like Cosmo Hotel Wan Chai Hong Kong.


Hong Kong-style Milk Tea

For a popular beverage in these parts, grab the Hong Kong styled milk tea that is served cold and thus a beloved beverage during hot days. The tea is prepared out of black tea, milk, either condensed or evaporated and some sugar. The tea is creamy and smooth and is a local favourite.


Pineapple Bread

You can find all kinds of different dishes on the streets of Hong Kong. One such dish is the Pineapple Bread which is known to many as the Bo Lo Bao. These sweet buns are very popular here and the soft and crunchy bread with a sugar-crusted top is all you will want to grab when roaming the streets of Hong Kong. It's called pineapple bread due to its shape. The buns are served hot, fresh from the oven!

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