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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 11, 2019
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7 Balinese drinks to try in Ubud - The best thirst quenchers!

People often enjoy trying out local food and drinks in the countries they visit. When in Ubud, you must not miss out on the six popular Balinese drinks that everyone raves about.


Bintang Beers

There are several types of local beers that you can try. One is the Bintang which is a bestseller in Indonesia. The flavour is of rich hops and malt, which can be quite addictive and is bound to be your next favourite drink. Besides, you must try the local brews in a swim-up bar in Bali. This is a must! If you're looking for bars of this nature, you can check out places like Chapung Sebali.


Bali Hai

This is another type of beer which is very cheap. Originally, this beer was found only on this island. However, with its increasing popularity, now you can find Bali Hai all over the country. If you're looking for a cheap beverage that tastes exquisite, well then, the Bali Hai may be the one for you.


Storm Beer

With so many types of beers available on the island, the list is quite endless. Another type of beer to try this holiday is the StormBeer which is produced through the microbrewery process. Besides, Storm Beer has an interesting history. The creator of this beer was an Englishman was exiled. His name was Thomas Storm whose family excelled in brewing!


Balinese Wine

People from down under having travelled to Bali for quite some time now, for decades in fact. They have started to leave an Aussie trait here. The Aussies can take up the credit for introducing wine into the island. Some travelling Australians decided one day to take some wine grapes grown in Australia to Bali. They started growing these grapes here. And since then, Balinese people have their very own Balinese wine.



Drinks aren't all about alcoholic ones, right? How about some non-alcoholic beverages? Well, then the Kopyor is must to try. The Kopyor does not come from regular coconut, but rather from a mutated one. These have a spongier and lose flesh. Besides, they are quite expensive when compared to normal coconuts. Having said that, people often claim that it's well worth the money as it's much sweeter than average coconuts. You can have it as a drink, or even as a delicious dessert.


Teh Panas

For the tea lovers, Bali has something quite special for you and it's called the Teh Panas. This local tea is great for a hot and humid day. In Balinese culture, the tea is usually served plain and black, with some sugar, with no milk. You can also try the tea by infusing some ginger it, making it all the more flavoursome.


Kopi Bali

So how about the ones who love coffee? Anything special there? Yes, to your delight, Bali hasn't ignored your cravings. Bali offers the delicious Kopi Bali for the ones who would love to taste a local brew. Did you know Indonesia is the third-largest exporter of coffee in the world? If you didn't, now you do. So how can you not taste one of the most authentic cups of coffee here in Bali?

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