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Habib Bourguiba Avenue Walking Tour in Tunis - An avenue of history

This walking tour and exploration is one of the most favourite things travellers like to do when they are holidaying in Tunis.


About Habib Bourguiba

Habib Bourguiba used to be the president of the Tunisian Republic and was also a big personality who led the country to its Independence. He was born in the year 1903 into a middle-class family. He finished his schooling in Tunis and joined the bar after completing a Political Science and law education in Paris. In the year 1930, he began his political career as a militant for society. Back in the day, he also began the newspaper by the name Tunisian Action which spread messages about revolutionary and modernist nationalism.


His fight for independence

He did many things that led Tunis towards Independence and in the year 1952, he was arrested and was kept in prison until 1954. In 1955 the then president of the French Council decided to recognise the rights of Tunisia after which they were many hard-hitting negotiations. The conventions were finally signed in May 1955 and Habib Bourguiba came back to Tanisha as a mighty hero and a leader after this turn of events. In April 1956, Habib Bourguiba became the elected president of the constituent assembly government of Tunisia. This country also became a Republic in the same year.


How it all ended

Habib Bourguiba celebrated his 25th year of power during the religious unrest and the civil war that was happening in 1983. This caused a huge decrease in the economy of Tunisia and created an increase in Islamic fundamentalism that caused more problems in the area. The year after 1983 saw a lot of killing and riot in the streets which made costs of food to rise up about 80%. Riots also increased the unemployment rate percentage and created major tensions between the neighbouring countries. In the year 1986, Habib Bourguiba left his wife and son. When the re-elections happened in 1987, the Prime Minister appointed then later went on to state that Habib Bourguiba was mentally ill and cannot be in a position of power anymore. There were many biographies and books written about this hero of Tunisia since his life is so closely interconnected with the nationalism and politics of the country. No book about the independence of Tunisia could be written without covering his work and contribution in it.


About the walking tour

If you are put up at Mauritius Island hotels the likes of The Residence Mauritius by Cenizaro, you definitely must keep aside time to take yourself on a Habib Bourguiba Avenue walking tour while in Tunis. Being a big name in the Tunisian history and socio-economic area, this avenue was named after the first president of the Republic of Tunisia. People tend to compare this Avenue to a similar place found in Paris. You will find many important and significant monuments along this Avenue. You can either opt to go for a self-guided walking tour here you can also use the many apps that can be found online which has a map of the places you must not miss while you are exploring this area.

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