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The Ultimate Guide to Tanjung Pinang - A mini travel blog

If you have an upcoming trip to Bintan and are planning on exploring Tanjung Pinang, here is how you must go about it.


About Bintan

Once you relax and are ready to step out of one of the many Bintan resorts you are staying at; the likes of Bintan Resorts to explore the area, you will be pleased to know that this place is not just about the luxury hotels, and has so much more to offer to its visitors. Tanjung Pinang is not just about seaside wine glasses and banana boats, there is an entire area on the island that is vastly unexplored by the tourists. More than 300,000 people call this place their home and taking a look at how their daily life happens is a fun thing to do during your holiday. To know what the daily life of the local people is like you must first visit the capital of Bintan which is Tanjung Pinang. This place is found in the western part of the island and is a busy port area that has people coming in from Singapore every day.


Pasar Ikan

Found just a few metres away from the ferry terminal area, this street market is a brightly coloured and vibrant place that you definitely must explore. You will find old women sorting through vegetables and fruits by the sidewalk and busy locals bargaining with the sellers in the stalls that are created wooden stilts. Closer to the water you will also find boats that are ready to take the daily commuters to their place of work. The other side will show you the bigger vessels that come and dump the catch of the day to be sold at the market. At the end of the market area, there is a Buddhist temple that the Chinese people in the community use as a place of worship.


Nasi Padang

This is a dish that you will get in Singapore too, but to know the actual taste of the dish you must try it in Indonesia. When you order Nasi Padang, be ready to get over 10 different bowls of food on your table. From white rice to spicy curries and freshly made sambal, you will find a variety of tastes ready for you to sample. You do not have to eat everything that is kept on the table when you order this dish and if you do not want to try something, you can leave it untouched and by the end of the meal, you will only be charged for the things you tried or ate.


Take a look at the Seaside Promenade

Found right near the terminal gates, this seaside promenade is almost an open-air market that comes alive just after sunset. Take a walk down this promenade and try all the classic Indonesian snacks and dishes like meatball soup, fried meat, and more. A dish would cost you less than $2 here. There are many chairs that can be found next to these food stalls in which you can sit and try the Indonesian snacks. The best thing to eat while you are in this part of the country is the seafood dishes and snacks.

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