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9 Tips for Planning a Beach Clean Up – Get together to make the beach better

At a time where everyone is focused more on the beauty of travelling it is important to focus on the negative effects and look at the solutions that we can provide.


Decide on the beach

Being an island selecting a beautiful beach is never an issue in Sri Lanka. However, selecting a beach that is full of trash is also becoming an easy task as there is so much pollution happening. It is best to decide on a beach that has easy access and needs a clean-up as soon as possible.


Choose a date and time

Once you have selected the location you need to look at the possible dates and the time. Being a tropical island it is best to do it either in the early morning before the sunrise or after sundown. It would not be the best option to select mid-day as it would be sunny and warm. Select a day that will allow adults and kids to take part. Make it a family event so that children can learn the importance of the event.


Get authorisation to host the event

To host the event, you need to obtain permission from the relevant authorities. Once you have identified the location, date and time it is a matter of getting authorisation to proceed with the event.


Look at how to source volunteers

Social media is the way to go if you want to reach youngsters and make them aware. Spread the message to various age groups. Put up handmade posters at schools, offices, restaurants, cafés and hotels such as AVANI Kalutara Resort. These steps will allow you to reach a large group of people.


Look at promotional options

Speak to radio stations, newspapers and magazines to see if you could get them to promote the event for you. Speak to social media influencers and celebrities that have a way of approaching thousands of people in one go. Make sure you have a lot of eye-catching handmade posters and banners around the beach you selected such as Kalutara. Hotel to restaurant to clothing shops, approach everyone to have a banner for awareness.


Plan ahead

You will need to look into the process of collecting the garbage methodically. Garbage bags, bins and other material will be needed to make sure the event goes smoothly.


Look at the protective gear that will need to be provided to volunteers

You will need to provide gloves, aprons or overalls along with boots to the volunteers depending on the state of the beach you are going to be cleaning. You can request the volunteers to bring their own equipment along with them.


Look at recycling and disposing of options and solutions for the trash collected

It is important to look at recycling options or manners in which the garbage can be disposed of responsibly. Once the garbage is collected it needs to be segregated and then prior arrangements need to be made in order to make sure the trash is disposed of properly or made use of.


Look at refreshments for the volunteers

The volunteers should be given refreshments as appreciation for taking part in the event. You can also send them a mail or message of encouragement a day or two after the event letting them know how much garbage was collected at the event.

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