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Curated Lesson Resources- Counting Coins

Help with Counting U.S. Coins - WebMath

Description: This page will help students be able to identify coins and know how much they are worth. Rationale: I am choosing the website because it has detailed pictures to help students and has all the different coins on one page.

Number song 1-20 for children | Counting numbers | The Singing Walrus

Description: This is a fun song for kids to learn how to count to 20. It starts off slow and then gets faster and faster.
Rationale: I chose this video because it is a fun way for kids to stay engaged and have fun counting.

The Money Song | Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter | Jack Hartmann

Description: This song helps children learn how to count their money. They can sing the song while they count their money.
Rationale: I chose this resource because the kids love being able to sing songs to stay engaged. This song has a lot of good information in it.

Description: This is a fun game website for kids to practice their money counting skills.
Rationale: I chose this because it has three different levels for the students, and this is a fun game that they can continue to play and learn while they play.

Ordering Coins by Value Game | Game |

Description: I chose another game because this game has the children list the coins in order of value, while the other game had the students identify them.
Rationale: I chose this because it is a different kind of game for the students, but it is still focused on money.

17 Fun Money Activities to Help Kids Understand Coins' Values

Description: This is a craft/game for students to help them learn the value of coins and how to count them.
Rationale: This will helps kids create a cute craft while learning their money, this will also have the children see the money in real life and what they feel like.

“Mommy, Can I Buy My Lunch Today? Math Money Games for Preschool – Nothing if Not Intentional

Description: This has many different activities to start the children out with on counting money.
Rationale: This had a game where students can shop at a grocery store and use their coins to buy groceries. This will help children with real life experience about buying things with their money.

A DAY IN AU {Morning Work} | Teacher Stuff! | Special education classroom, Teaching money, Life skills classroom

Description: This is a simple way to help children count and to identify coins.
Rationale: I chose this because I could create many different little booklets like the one pictured and send them home with the children so they can practice with their family.

Coin Popsicle Stick Puppets | Homeschooling | Kindergarten math, Teaching money, Preschool math

Description: These are adorable crafts that the children can take home to show their parents the different types of coins.
Rationale: This is a simple project that can help teachers evaluate students to see how well they know their coins.

Money Song | math | Kindergarten math, Teaching money, First grade songs

Description: This is cute songs that will help the children remember what each coin looks like and how much they are worth.
Rationale: These songs will help students remember their coins and what they look like. This also could be a pages that can be sent home to show their parents.