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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 10, 2019
Headline for Ultimate Guide of Things to Pack for a Wildlife Safari in Sri Lanka - Must-Pack Items for a Sri Lankan Safari Adventure
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Ultimate Guide of Things to Pack for a Wildlife Safari in Sri Lanka - Must-Pack Items for a Sri Lankan Safari Adventure

As one of the most exciting excursions one can sign up for, a wildlife safari requires special clothing and accessories. Here are some must-pack items for your safari adventure in paradise.


Glasses and Other Accessories

A safari experience is first and foremost a visual feast and there's nothing that can put a damper on one's wildlife excursions more than bad vision. If prescription glasses and sunglasses are a reality of one's life it is important to take an extra pair when heading out into the wilderness to use in case one breaks the first pair or misplaces them. Outdoor activities also mean the sun will be a contender so packing a pair of Polaroid sunglasses is also a must in addition to other heat combating items the likes of suntan lotion, lip balm and a wide-brimmed hat.


Technical Gear

Documenting a safari excursion is quite different from snapping selfies on city tours. Carrying a sturdy and outdoor-friendly digital camera, therefore, is a must for all those who are heading to the island. In addition to plenty of memory cards and batteries, a pair of binoculars will also come in handy when one is unable to get too close to the creatures in the national parks. Binoculars with excellent magnification qualities should be the top pick as it can bring animals in the distance in for a closer look. Amateur and budding wildlife photographers and hobbyists may also want to carry a foldable tripod to capture breathtaking nature scenes.



When it comes to packing clothes for a safari it is important to stick to neutral colours such as browns, beige and white while avoiding bright coloured attire in red or orange. All the clothes you pack for the safari tour must be cotton or made from a light and breathable material as high humidity is a fact of life on any outdoor excursion in Sri Lanka. Don't pack too many clothes as the warm weather means one can recycle a sparse wardrobe. Sneakers with socks or hiking boots are the ideal footwear for a Sri Lankan getaway while a pair of flip flops will also be useful.


Preventative Medications

Scrapes and minor accidents are part and parcel of an outbound adventure in wild terrains so carrying a few useful medications can save the day in more ways that one. In addition to some aspirin and allergy medication, one should always pack a strong insect repellent and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Eye drops, heartburn syrups, antibiotic sprays and Band-Aids will also prove to be invaluable when cuts and other injuries occur.


Other Items

Nighttime safaris are rare but accessible in several national parks on the island so a good flashlight or torch should also be packed safely with plenty of batteries. In addition to reading material pertaining to the area of the country one is visiting one can also pack a travel journal to document one's thoughts and impressions during the downtime. Those who are camping in wildlife hubs across the country on a tour organized by Aitken Spence Travels or any similar Sri Lanka travel agency should also carry a map of the park.

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