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Updated by Lillian Uding on Nov 10, 2019
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Curated Lesson Resources 2nd grade counting money

Counting Money Games for Kids Online - Splash Math

Description: This website gives students five different money counting skills for the second grade level to practice.

Rationale: I chose this site because it allows students to choose which category they want to practice when working with money. They can practice the tasks they are needing help with. This gives them a fun and interactive way to learn the skills.

Counting Coins Song for Kids | Learning About Money Song For Kids

Description: This video sings a song about the value of each coin and counting them.

Rationale: This can help both auditory and visual learners understand the concept better. It creates a catchy song explaining the value of coins.

Math Practice Game: Counting Coins (USA)

Description: This website allows students to practice counting money in different forms. They might be given a set of coins and asked for the value or given a word problem to figure out how much money someone has.

Rationale: This gives students a chance to practice counting money. Some problems show visuals and some only use words so they have a chance to think critically and determine what they will have to do to answer the problem. (The word problems may be difficult for second grade but it will give the high flyers more of a challenge).

Coin Peoms

Description: This picture contains short poems to help students learn the value of each coin.

Rationale: The could be placed at the beginning of the lesson for students to read over as a reminder of each coin's value. It gives a visual to help them remember the coin that each saying goes to.

Coin Value Chart

Desciption: This chart shows each coin and the number value it holds.

Rationale: Having this in the lesson allows students to look back and remind themselves of the value of each coin while completing the rest of the lesson. It shows visuals and the number so they can quickly find the information they need.

Sorting Coins - Google Drawings

Description: This Google Drawing can allow students to drag the coins into the correct category.

Rationale: This will give students another chance to work on classifying each coin.

Counting Coins with a Chart

Description: Students could have this chart in their hyperdoc lesson as an example of what they would be doing. They could be given a number with a number chart and a mixture of coins next to it. They can drag the coins and place them on the chart to create the number they were given. (This would need to be created by the teacher. The teacher would need to paste in multiples of each coin so the students have a large selection.)

Rationale: This can allow students to use their creativity. There is nothing telling them how many of each coin to use or just having them count a group of coins. If the number was 16, they could use 16 pennies or a dime, a nickel and a penny. It is up to them to create that number however they want. This can also allow students to work on their own level. If they need to use pennies in order to count out each number they can. If they need more of a challenge they can try to use coins of different values.

Design your own coin

Description: Students can use Google tools to design their own coin.

Rationale: This gives students a chance to be creative and think about the value of money. They can design their coin and give it a value.

How Coins Are Made ... For Kids!

Description: This video tells kids how coins are made. This doesn't give them a chance to count coins, but since they will be doing that a lot throughout the lesson, they are able to learn another connecting fact about coins.

Rationale: While this video doesn't allow students to actively participate in the lesson, it can be a break from all the coin counting practice. It also ties in other concepts about coins besides their number value. It still relates to the lesson and provides them with outside information.

The Story of Money

Description: This video helps students understand why we need money.

Rationale: It contains animations to keep students interested. It also ties in additional information besides learning how to sort or count money.