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Curated Lesson Resources - Basketball (6th-8th)

5 Basketball Games that Teach Skills (Video) - Gopher PE Blog

Description: This website provides 5 videos of different mini-games that students can play while learning how to play basketball.

I chose this website because the attached videos go in depth on how each described game develops individual skills used in the game of basketball.

Basketball Basic Rules

Description: This website features basketball basic rules, including court layout, positions, scoring, fouls, and violations.

I chose this site because it assists young players in learning the basics of the game of basketball in an easy to understand manner.

PE Games - Basketball Shooting Game - Hot Spots

Description: This video provides an in depth description of an easy game to incorporate into A PE basketball unit.

I chose this video because the game is very simple to teach and encourages students' to cooperate with their classmates while also working on their shooting skills.

Basketball Rules Flashcards | Quizlet

Description: This quizlet features High School Basketball Rules with flashcards, games, and more ways for students to assess their knowledge of the game.

I chose to implement this quizlet because it features basic rules of the game of basketball, and can be used as a pre and post test for students to measure their progress in knowledge throughout the unit.


Labeled Court

Labeled Court

Description: This photo does a great job of labeling specific areas / lines of a basketball court.

This image helps students understand the different areas of a basketball court and the terms used to describe the areas.

Basketball Basics for Kids

Description: This video provides a few fundamental drills to help students improve their skill level.

I think this video does a great job of slowly but thoroughly explaining several fundamental moves to help increase students' skill level involving passing.

Basketball Drills - 3 Competitive Shooting Drills

Description: This video features 3 different shooting drills that can easily be implemented into a unit for beginner-level basketball.

I believe all 3 of the drills in this video are easily understood for students and can be used to assess students on their form and skill level.

Basketball Positions - Jr. NBA

Description: This official NBA site explains the role each position plays on the basketball court.

This site can be useful in helping students try and find out which position they think their skills and physical tools (height, speed, etc.) relate to best on the basketball court. By finding their position, the students can begin to find out necessary skills to develop.

Description: This video provides a quick run down of the history of basketball.

At the beginning of the basketball unit, this video can be shown to provide the students with a little background knowledge of the game.


Basketball Goal Dimensions

Basketball Goal Dimensions

Description: This image states the dimensions of both the backboard and the rim on a basketball goal.

Students will need to learn these dimensions to help them understand the game, and this image provides a great visual representation.