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Curated Lesson Resources- History of Communication


A Brief History of Telecommunication

A Brief History of Telecommunication

Description: This picture shows the timeline of communication technology and how it has changed through the years.
Rationale: The picture is colorful and attention grabbing and goes through the whole history of communication.

Cell Phone Facts - Mobile Phone Information, Interesting iPhone Apps, Technology

Description: This articles gives facts about cell phones, and why cellphones are important.
Rationale: This website is set up for kids so the words are easy to ready for 3rd graders and the page is colorful and interesting.

Kids science: Electronic Communications

Description: This article talks about the electronic side of communication through the years
Rationale: The website has easy to understand words and explanations that are short and to the point

A Brief History of Communication

Description: This video is a quick and creative look at how communication has changed through the years.
Rationale: This video would be a good way to get the students all on the same page and ready to get into the lesson

From Stone Age to Tech Age: The Big Ideas that Shaped History

Description: This video gives a look at the development of communication through the years.
Rationale: This video give good information, is short and to the point, and isn't boring to listen to.

Morse Code Translator

Description: This site allows students to input a sentence and see it translated into Morse Code
Rationale: This activity is easy for the students to play with and it allows students to see visually what Morse Code looked like and hear what it sounds like.

Watch The Evolution of the Phone | WIRED Video | CNE

Description: This video shows how phones have changed in the last 100 years.
Rationale: This is a quick and to the point video that shows students how phones have changed through the years without boring the students to death.

Description: This video gives an explanation as to how pigeons were taught to deliver messages.
Rationale: This video is animated which makes it a little less dull to listen to and also is short and to the point and doesn't use many hard to understand words.

Cave painting Facts for Kids

Description: This article gives a look into cave drawings and theories as to how they were used.
Rationale: This website is full of information about one of the earliest forms of communication in an easy to read format.

How Do Homing Pigeons Find Home?

Description: This acticle gives information about homing pigeons and how they were used.
Rationale: This article helps show the importance of homing pigeons through big events in history, like WW1, and uses words that 3rd graders can understand.