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Freshman Theatre Curated Lesson Resources

This link eloquently describes Ancient Greek Architecture.

I chose this resource because a big aspect of "Greek Theatre," the unit I've chosen, is how the actual auditorium/theater was constructed and where the plays occurred. Students will be able to read about the architecture and see pictures.

This websites discuss some of the most important aspects of theatre history: Mystery, Miracle, and Morality plays.

In order for students to effectively understand Ancient Greek Theatre, they need to understand what KIND of plays were happening during the time period.

This link gives students access to a great list of 10 of the most important plays from Greek history.

Students will be able to read about each play, getting a better understanding of the time period as a whole. Students will also be able to choose a play that they are most interested in so they can do more research.


Official Copy of "Oedipus Rex" an original Greek play by Sophocles.

This allows students to physically read a play from Ancient Greek history.

I chose this because beyond just reading a list describing important plays, actually reading a play by Sophocles allows students to get a feel for theatrical writing of the time period while also seeing common theatrical themes discussed in class.

Thespis, Athens, and The Origins of Greek Drama: Crash Course Theater #2

This week on Crash Course Theater, Mike is acting like theater started in Greece. Well, for the western theater, this is true. The earliest recorded drama in...

This video describes some of the basics of Greek Theatre in a way that's easy to understand for students.

I chose this resource because "Crash Course" is always engaging for students and gives students a new perspective. Sometimes, it can be easier for students to remember the information they attained in a video, rather than information simply given to them by the instructor.

Greek Theatre - Ancient Greece

Greek Theatre and its origin from Ancient Greece in the forms of Tragedy, Comedy and Satyr.

This resource gives students a more broad understanding of Ancient Greece and its views on theatre, and goes more in depth on many of the aspects we will have been discussing in this unit. After perusing the web, this is by far one of the most helpful resources I found!

An Introduction to Greek Theatre

This is another great video explaining Greek theatre!

I chose this resource because unlike Crash Course, it shows more ACTUAL examples: pictures, videos, perspectives, etc, of all of the different aspects of Greek Theatre. Where Crash Course is meant to be more fun and cover a wider variety, this video goes in depth into the specifics.

Greek Theatre Flashcards | Quizlet

I found a GREAT quizlet that encompasses all of the aspects that I look for in a future Greek Theatre unit!

Students can browse these flashcards, quiz themselves, play games and more. This gives students many different options for promoting their own individual learning styles and practices!


Greek Theatre Bird's Eye View

Greek Theatre Bird's Eye View

This image gives students a bird's eye view and understanding of the Ancient Greek Theatre.

I chose this image because architectural aspects are clearly labelled. This diagram could then be used on an exam to test student learning and memorization.


Ancient Greek Theatre Elements: Masks

Ancient Greek Theatre Elements: Masks

This image shows some of the many masks utilized in Ancient Greek Theatre.

For students to get the full effect of the time period, students need to understand the different design aspects. Seeing these masks will help students get a more in depth grasp of ancient Greek costume design and scenic elements. It also allows them to wonder "what was the rationale for the Greeks to wear these masks on stage?"